1. Delgado’s revenge against the critical prosecutor: “He lacks sensitivity to the gender perspective”

Prosecutor De la Rosa stood up to Delgado when he wanted to intervene in an appeal by Minister Montero to add three paragraphs on a gender perspective

2. More Madrid imposed “illegal” donations of 10% on their charges

The party sent a letter to all its charges demanding a tax that the Justice has already vetoed

3. At the front with the tankers of the 92 Brigade: “We go out every day to kill Russians”

With armored vehicles captured from the enemy, a group of Ukrainians from Vettena expel the Russians towards their northern border

4. Elizabeth II: the Queen of records

The British monarch, the longest in the history of her country, is preparing to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee while paving the way for an orderly succession

5. The prostitute and the abolitionist: “Did you call me a piece of meat? Great way to defend women”

“Prohibiting slavery is a matter of human rights,” says Núria González. “And the human right of not imposing a sexual morality on you?” answers Carolina Clemente. Both discuss, and get angry at times, about the PSOE’s intention to abolish prostitution, which also divides Congress

6. The last miracle of the Rolling Stones in Madrid

A giant show to cover the shortcomings and limitations of age and routine? Not for Jagger and Richards, who gave a masterclass in rock and roll, blues and rhythm and blues

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