1. Pressure to get Johnson out of Downing Street: ‘He has to go completely’

Both ‘Tories’ and Labor pressure the ‘premier’ so that he does not remain in office any longer.

2. Yolanda Díaz launches ‘Sumar’ without Podemos and with the only unwavering support of Ada Colau and Izquierda Unida

The second vice president today presents her ‘listening process’ while the ‘purples’ continue to claim weight.

3. The emails from the “G7 of construction” that manipulated thousands of public works: “I refuse less than a million”

Acciona, Dragados, FCC, Ferrovial, OHL and Sacyr agreed to share contests and data from the Administration for 25 years, according to the CNMC.

4. Rafa Nadal’s cross: 13 of the greats under injury fatality

With his withdrawal due to the abdominal rupture, the Spaniard adds a new ‘major’ that he has not been able to conclude or dispute due to physical problems.

5. The Balearic Islands, Galicia and Extremadura concentrate the highest number of infections due to the new variants BA.4 and BA.5

In just four weeks, the variants of the ómicron family have spread throughout Spain at great speed.

6. Trapped in their bubble: why our politicians are still so far from reality

The distance between the political debate and the real concerns of society increases more and more, despite the fact that the elites have never had so many means to study their voters. Boris Johnson’s resignation is the latest case of a crashed leader against his own fantasies

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