Assuming Stadia remains around by the time it starts.

PixelJunk Raiders, the next game from developer Q-Games, looks stunning. A 70s pulp sci-fi adventure oozing with vibrant landscapes, bizarre monsters, and also a synth-tastic score. A shame, then, that it will launch only on Google Stadia when it arrives next month.

The next entry in the developer’s long line of PixelJunk games, Raiders is a third-person action roguelike that sees you awake from a very long slumber into a universe of aliens, creatures, and anomalous puzzles. Like the gorgeous Sable, Raiders is also sporting some severe Moebius vibes. Frankly, I am ready to get more games that look like they were pulled off prog-rock record covers.

Sadly, Raiders is starting as a Stadia exclusive–and now isn’t a great time to be selling solely via Google’s streaming service.

A Google blog post notes that Raiders is developed to make the most of Stadia tricks such as State Share, which allows you to pick up where another participant left off by grabbing their game-state via screenshot or video. The game will also be free to play for Stadia Pro readers.

However, some neat tricks might be inadequate to convince folks to eventually jump on board with Stadia at this stage in time. Let us hope for a proper PC release somewhere down the street –it would be a shame to see a game this slick languish on a platform that is declining.


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