The relatives of the ‘Villa de Pitanxo’ have branded as “insulting and shameful”, among other adjectives, that the central government is preparing to send a state ship to the area where the ‘Pitanxo’ sank three months ago, and perished 21 people, to carry out fishing surveys and do not intend to go down to the wreck, “which can be done”.

Relatives of the disappeared and deceased in the shipwreck have concentrated this Saturday in the Puerto de Náutico de Vigo to denounce the situation.

The statements were planned in another nearby place, where the oceanographic vessel ‘Vizconde de Eza’ was moored, but “after changing the location of the ship during the night”, the relatives decided to also change the place of the statements.”

I would like you to see the ship. Unfortunately, embarrassingly, someone gave an order tonight to move it. Before it was in a public area with free access, and now we are not even able to see it,” denounced the group’s spokeswoman, María José Do Pazo, who has stressed that it is a “disparagement” towards the people of the sea.

The ship against which they intended to demonstrate will set sail for Newfoundland to carry out fishing surveys for three months, “exactly in the same quadrant in which the ‘Pitanxo’ sank.”

Do Pazo has assured that the authorities “lie” and that, beyond the offers of private foreign companies to equip Spanish ships with equipment that allows the search, he has assured that Spain has the necessary instruments. He has given as an example a state-owned Rob with autonomy of up to 2,000 meters deep.

“They say that the ‘Pitanxo’ is sunk at 1.00 meters, which they haven’t even measured. We have reports suggesting that it could be 600 meters. Why don’t they send equipment to investigate, why don’t they accept offers from other companies and the offer from the Xunta to pay for the transfer?, they have wondered. “The only thing we ask is that the largest maritime accident of this century be investigated. Yesterday someone had to have an emergency meeting to move the ship. Why didn’t they get together to have a word with the families? That demonstrates the shame that this Government gives us. It is an insult; We have been reaching out for three months to receive explanations and we only have obstacles and lies,” the spokeswoman insisted.

Do Pazo has announced that next Wednesday they will be in Madrid, since the president will appear before Congress to deal with the Sahara issue. They expect him to receive them and explain to them “that commitment he had made to do the impossible and the impossible.”

The spokeswoman has charged intensely against the Government, especially against Pedro Sánchez, whom she has disgraced for committing “with orphans and widows, looking them in the eye”, and against Vice President Yolanda Díaz, “who comes every 15 days to Galicia, It presumes to be Galician, but it has not met yet.” “We are talking about health and safety crimes against workers. If you announce that you want to create listening panels to modify the worker’s statute, what legitimacy do you have when you have workers in the bottom of the sea with an open investigation?”, pointed out Do Pazo.

He has also criticized the “null” action of the people “to whom Sánchez has delegated the investigation”, whom he has described as “incompetent” and whom he has urged to “resign” if they had “some dignity”. referred to the Government delegate in Galicia, José Miñones, and the director of Sasemar. He has urged both to “rectify and get to work to help families.”

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