As the developer prepares Forza Horizon 5, future updates will “remix” existing content.

Forza Horizon 4’s next update is the last to add new content, but developer Playground Games isn’t ready to abandon its Great British Racer.

FH4’s launch in 2018 has seen a steady increase in content. Not only are there major expansions such as Fortune Island or Lego Speed Champions but also regular updates, new cars and modes such as the Super7 stunt tracks, photo challenges, and many more. The developer said that Update 37, which arrived today via VGC, would be the last update to the game.

Senior producer Tom Butcher stated that Forza Horizon 5’s launch is our priority for the next few months. He also said that Forza Horizon 4’s monthly series updates have been modified.

However, FH4 support will not disappear completely. Butcher explained that future updates will attempt to remix and reinvent existing content as well as returning to older updates with all the tools added since (photo challenges, backstage votes, new rewards, etc.).

“Starting with Series Update 38, players who are familiar with the game will begin to see the return content from Series 7 through 32. It’s a mix tape. You will see some familiar content returning, as well as new features.


When asked if FH4 would see any updates beyond FH5, Butcher was less direct, saying that “we do intend to make Forza Horizon 4 continue to be a fun experience but we aren’t ready to share exact plans yet.”

Forza Horizon5 will take us to Mexico on November 9, 2021, after we leave behind the grimy ol’ Blighty. Jacob believes it is a next-generation title with extensive photogrammetry and stellar HDR skyboxes. Seasons bring varied and wild weather to different areas of the map.


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