The workforce of the Embassy and Consulates of Spain in the United Kingdom has spent several months with rallies and protests against the institutions so that measures are taken to end the salary freeze and the low quality of salary conditions. Now, the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid, has given them the reason “by declaring the violation of the fundamental right for not having proceeded to a salary update negotiation during the last 13 years.”

This is how Commissions Obreras collects it on its website, who point out to the Administration of “having ignored the extreme and desperate situation of the group for 14 years and irresponsibly and unilaterally blocked the negotiation, despite the fact that in Spain they have been decreeing updates salaries in the Public Administrations in Spain since 2016”.

They continue that the Superior Court of Justice of the Community of Madrid “has finally ratified the ruling of the Social Court No. 8 in which on July 29, 2020 the violation of the fundamental right to collective bargaining of the PLEX was declared in first instance” , since the group denounced that the annual salary review had not been carried out.

The sentence was the result of the process that began in 2018 between the CCOO and Foreign Affairs, due to the complete absence of political will shown by the Administration to address the demands of foreign labor personnel and which was the cause of the filing of a Conflict claim. Collective before the Courts of Justice. It reflected the “discrimination and violation of the most basic rights of public employees abroad.”

From CCOO they point out that “all these years have been the result of stubbornness, contempt and apathy on the part of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration and, fundamentally, of the General Directorate of Personnel Costs.”

After the Court’s response, and after adding to the protests from the Embassies of other countries such as France, Italy, Norway, Finland, Sweden or Australia, they say that the Administration “will no longer have excuses to continue evading its responsibilities” and warn that from next May 30 and until July 25, the Black Monday initiative will be developed in the Foreign Service, a series of protests in which during the pause time that the group will carry out every Monday will concentrate in front of each legation in black garb.

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