The Investigating Court number 5 of the National High Court has agreed to lift the main precautionary measures that weighed on the historic soccer player agent Quique Pina after ruling out the crime of money laundering for which he was arrested in the so-called Líbero operation four years ago.

Judge Santiago Pedraz annuls in this way the withdrawal of the passport and the prohibition to leave the national territory and reduces his periodic appearances before the court.

The decision of the instructor takes place shortly after the Criminal Chamber of the National High Court confirmed the unblocking of the Pina companies by not noticing signs of money laundering, the main crime for which he was arrested and preventively imprisoned.

The Fourth Section endorsed the decision adopted by Judge Pedraz last January and rejected the arguments of the appeal filed by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor.

In this way, it confirmed the order issued by the head of the Court of Instruction number 5, which released, among others, the company Calambur, with which Pina owns an important package of shares of Cádiz, C.F., through the entity Locos por el ball. The measure also affected the Quique Sport company, despite the fact that the Public Ministry maintains that they were used to commit crimes of tax fraud or concealment of assets.

The latest decisions of the Court also confirm that no evidence of crime has been found in Pina’s family environment. The instructor noted that “already well advanced the investigation is in a position to dissipate the link between the companies” of the agent, an extreme that is ratified once again by the National High Court, which progressively deflates this case, in which it was attributed to who was also owner of clubs such as Granada the design of a plot to launder funds of illicit origin with the sale of soccer players.

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