An entrance for Alan Wake Remastered also looked on a Epic website tracker earlier now.

Developed by business happenings magnet Wario64, a website tracker to your Epic Games Store seen changes to a record codenamed HeronStaging added a cloud store folder benchmark for Alan Wake Remastered. Another product, Pineapple QA, was seen pulling a similar tip for Final Fantasy 7 Remastered, which now has no proposed PC discharge date.

The writer did, but lately attract the total Kingdom Hearts show to PC for the very first time by means of Epic.

Remedy, meanwhile, is now working closely together with Epic on two big projects–just one”AAA multiplatform sport” and a smaller-scale game allegedly set in precisely the exact same universe. If one of both of these games would be, in actuality, a fresh Alan Wake, it is not difficult to picture the smaller job for a remaster of this 11-year-old original.

It is well worth noting that, in the time of writing, the two references are eliminated from the EpicData Tracker. Neither Alan Wake Remastered nor a FF7R launch on Epic have been formally confirmed, but equally are beginning to seem very probable.


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