The fire in Monfragüe (Cáceres) that started on Thursday afternoon in Casas de Miravete continues without control. This morning, shortly before 02:00, the direction of the Civil Protection Emergency Plan has decided to evacuate Romangordo and Higuera de Albalat (about 360 residents between the two towns) due to the evolution of the flames. The situation this morning has been dramatic due to the strength and lack of control of the flames, which change direction and intensity at every moment, when it seemed early at night that the flames had calmed down.

Its inhabitants are being transferred as a preventive measure to Navalmoral de la Mata. The most vulnerable people are being sent to the residences of Cáceres and Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz) while fire trucks from various locations, such as Trujillo, are heading to the fire area as a reinforcement measure.

In this way, there are already three towns, together with Casas de Miravete, which have been evicted since the fire began, which has entered the Monfragüe National Park biosphere reserve. The town of Jaraicejo (500), which is prevented from being evacuated, for the moment remains relatively far from the flames, although the alert continues in case there is a change in criteria during the next few hours.

In addition, some scary scenes are taking place among people traveling by road near the Miravete tunnels, in the middle of the second holiday operation, coinciding with the beginning of the second half of July. Thus, several families have recorded videos while the cars crossed the A-5 motorway, both in the direction of Madrid and in the opposite direction, towards Badajoz, verifying how the flames were just a few meters from the road. In fact, the fire has crossed the National V, forcing the authorities to cut off said highway from 8:30 p.m., specifically from kilometer 207 (Casas de Miravete) to 223 (Jaraicejo). twelve hours later

But this morning, around 01:20 am, the A-5 motorway itself has also been cut in both directions, from km 200 (at Almaraz) to 219 (Deleitosa). After 12 hours, the road was reopened around 2 pm. The fire in the last hours, and due to the strong wind in the area, is heading towards Deleitosa and is entering the Los Ibores region.

According to the latest update, made early this morning, the fire continues to evolve “unfavorably” after this complicated night.

The means of extinction have worked to try to control the reproduction of the new flank and the troops of the operation have also been finishing off other points of the perimeter, as reported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Population and Territory of the Junta de Extremadura.

270 troops, 22 ground units, 4 machinery units, natural environment agents and coordinators, and units of the Fire Fighting Plan of Extremadura, Andalusia, the Military Emergency Unit and the Ministry of Ecological Transition continue to work in the area. Aerial means will be incorporated progressively.

On the other hand, the Infoex Plan has declared danger level 1 due to a new fire in Torre de Don Miguel, in Sierra de Ágata (Cáceres) due to the proximity of the fire to isolated infrastructures. Aerial means, two agents from the natural environment, four checkpoints, three trucks and Sepei are working on the fire.

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