The city of Plasencia has hosted an unprecedented demonstration this Sunday: that of a group of people who call, without any institution preventing it (in this case the powers fall on the Government Sub-delegation of Cáceres), a demonstration in support of a convicted to four years in prison -Castor C., just over 40 years old- who is already in prison for it, for a crime of sexual abuse produced in November 2017 after a final conviction without further appeal.

The protest has begun in the park of La Coronación in the city of Placentina and has gone on to the square of this same town, and around 200 people have attended it, including friends, acquaintances and the occasional relative of the condemned, according to sources consulted. for this newspaper. The call had been made anonymously through social networks in recent days and included in it the image of the condemned man and his name. Specifically, the poster included the following text: “Always with you, Castor! We will fight for Justice. Those of us who know him know that he does not deserve what is happening, we only ask that justice be done and we will go as far as we have to go.” for him, to prove the truth”.

The Plasencia Feminist Platform has shown its “indignation and rejection” at this concentration. Their spokespersons, Nuria López and Carolina Monroy, have confirmed to EL MUNDO that they had alerted in writing to the Plasencia Office for Assistance to Victims of Gender Violence, as well as the Women’s Institute in Extremadura and the Subdelegation itself. of the Government in Cáceres “without obtaining any response”.

The convicted person, a person known in Plasencia for his relationship with several local sports clubs, and in turn a Physical Education teacher at a local center, was sentenced to four years in prison by the Provincial Court of Cáceres. Subsequently, the Superior Court of Justice of Extremadura (TSJEx) dismissed the appeal filed by his defense and, later, the Supreme Court did not admit an appeal filed, for which the aggressor went to prison. However, he left due to a lack of form and finally re-entered a few weeks ago.

The conveners of the concentration assure that they are “absolutely convinced” that the aggressor “is innocent” and clarify that the demonstration has not been called against the woman who denounced him, “nor against any woman” because, they affirm, they defend “women and equality.” In this sense, they say that even a group of women have signed a manifesto in support of the condemned man because they consider that “an injustice” has been committed.

However, the spokespersons for the Plasencia Feminist Platform consider that a demonstration in support of a person convicted of sexual abuse means “re-victimizing all women who have suffered this type of violation of their rights” and underline the “impunity and open bar ” for having consented to a demonstration of this type, which exalts “rape culture”.

In the letter addressed to the official organizations to try to stop the call, López and Monroy emphasize that “giving permission to this type of demonstration can once again put the victim in a vulnerable situation in which even their physical and moral integrity is still affected. more, since it should be noted that he has been like this for more than four years, reliving that unpleasant situation over and over again”.

“We do not want to continue maintaining a society in which our daughters and sons remain ignorant of the cult of rape and abuse and that everything is free,” they add.

The aggressor was sentenced to four years in prison for sexually abusing a woman in Plasencia while she was “drowsy” after drinking alcohol all night. The victim, after having a few drinks and in the company of a friend, was past 06:00 in the morning at the Plasencia hostel, along with three other men. Among them was the condemned man, with whom the victim “practically” did not speak and who he met that same morning.

Around 8:00 a.m., several of them went to the house of one of the people in the group and the woman, “tired and sleepy”, lay down on a bed while the rest of the people remained in the living room. One of the men entered her bedroom and engaged in consensual sexual intercourse with her; then he left the room and the victim fell asleep facing the wall.

Shortly after another man (the later convicted) entered the bedroom, “undressed and got into bed” and began to caress the woman with the aim “of trying to maintain a sexual act with her”, which ended up happening because the victim believed that it was the previous man. It was only when this second male got out of bed to leave that the girl, turning around, realized, to her surprise, her identity. Hours later, the woman reported the events and required medical assistance.

The defendant’s defense argued that the relations were consensual at all times, but the TSJEx room considered that the victim’s account in the trial was “solid and seamless”, regardless of the fact that some error could have slipped into his statement. substantial. In addition, he considers that the man “was fully aware that the sexual relationship was furtive” because, despite the fact that he did not show her rejection, he made that decision thinking that it was another man who was with her.

The man – whose identity had not been disclosed until the poster with his name and photograph was published in the call for support made by relatives – in addition to prison sentence, was sentenced to the prohibition of communication and approach to the victim for a period of 10 years.

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