After 13 hours entrenched with a weapon in a house in Santovenia de Pisuerga (Valladolid), Pablo S. surrendered yesterday around 3:00 p.m. to the Civil Guard agents who surrounded the building. The 45-year-old man was locked up with a hostage after allegedly having killed a neighbor with whom he had disagreements and having also shot and seriously injured the head of the Civil Guard unit who was trying to mediate for him to surrender.

Pablo S., known locally as El Chiqui, has a criminal record and lived in the same block of flats as the victim, Dionisio Alonso, 45, married with two children. Both, the neighbors say, were friends since childhood, but the relationship had broken down recently.

Encarnación, the mother-in-law of the deceased, in statements to the media displaced to the town, told in detail – when El Chiqui was still surrounded by the Civil Guard inside a house – how the events had happened. It all started on Thursday at 6:00 p.m. with a fight between the women of the victim and the aggressor. The reason for the dispute was that El Chiqui’s family accused the other of having punctured two wheels of a car.

Hours later, around half past ten at night, always according to Encarnación’s testimony, Dionisio and his wife went out for coffee and met El Chiqui accompanied by several members of his family. «My daughter calls me to go, that they have been beaten by El Chiqui, the murderer, the one with whom they are negotiating… El Chiqui’s brother-in-law, the two boyfriends of the daughters, with whom El Chiqui is involved and the sister , six hit my daughter and my son-in-law. My daughter with her head open and my son-in-law with an eye that no one could see,” Encarnación recounted.

The detainee has a criminal record and was a childhood friend of the victim

As a result of the beating, according to his version, Dionisio required medical assistance and went to the Clinical Hospital of Valladolid, about eight kilometers away. Once attended, his eldest son, 27 years old, went to pick him up with the car. When they returned, they found El Chiqui waiting for them inside the building.

This is how Encarnación recounted the moment: «We heard them [Dionisio] laughing because we were aware of what was happening. I tell the 17-year-old boy [Dionysio’s youngest son]: “Look, your father is already coming and he comes laughing, worrying so much about his eye. We went out to open the third one, because we live in the third, and we heard boom! And suddenly a thunderous silence.”

It was his 17-year-old grandson, Encarnación continued the story, who warned him that the sound was a gunshot. «She told me:” Grandma, that’s shot “. And she ran away and so did I. I find him in the first one with his shirt all torn. I tell him: “Has she hit you, has that bastard hit you?” And he tells me: “No, grandmother, I broke it myself because my father is dead on the landing” ».

According to Encarnación, El Chiqui also tried to end the life of Dionisio’s eldest son. “His 27-year-old son has not spoken since then, he does not want to speak to the press or anyone. He says that how could he not grab the shotgun and put it up, that how could he not take it away, because he says that he just took it out and boom, shoot him. She then shot him, but says she froze. My 17-year-old grandson comes down the stairs and slaps [El Chiqui] in the face because he was telling his father: “Son of a bitch, look how I’ve taken your life, look how I’ve taken it!”» .

The lieutenant colonel was wounded while trying to mediate for him to surrender

It was Dionisio’s relatives who gave him first aid. “I put my oxygen on him, I put it on six, and my son covered his wound and suddenly his head fell off,” Encarnación narrated.

After these events, around two in the morning on Friday, while an ambulance that could do nothing to save Dionisio’s life traveled to the town, El Chiqui fled the building and locked himself with the rifle in a nearby house, where he lives. the boyfriend of one of his daughters

The Special Intervention Unit (UEI) of the Civil Guard moved to Santovenia de Pisuerga, evicted the residents of the building and cordoned it off. First thing in the morning, when they tried to negotiate with him and free the person he was holding as a hostage, El Chiqui responded by shooting. The projectile hit the lieutenant colonel responsible for the device in the head, who at 08:45 was taken by ambulance to the Clinical Hospital of Valladolid. The head of the UEI had to be intervened urgently and his condition, at the closing of this edition, was serious.

After more than 13 hours entrenched, surrounded by a strong police force, El Chiqui finally surrendered to the agents at noon.

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