Four people have been injured by gunshots, one of them serious although his life is not in danger, after a shooting recorded early this Monday night in the souk of the Principe neighborhood, in Ceuta, where the specialized units of the National Police have opened an investigation to try to clarify what happened, as reported by the Superior Headquarters in a statement to the media.

The event took place around 9:00 p.m. this Sunday, when several individuals clashed using firearms in the vicinity of “a catering establishment.”

The shots have reached four people, at least two of them pedestrians unrelated to the brawl. The most serious, whose life is not in danger as sources from the Institute of Health Management (Ingesa) have indicated, remains admitted to the University Hospital of the autonomous city after receiving several impacts on the legs, while the other three injured have already received discharge.

The death of a 16-year-old boy from a gunshot to the head on the night of April 15-16 triggered a spiral of violence in the streets of Ceuta, especially in the Principe and Los Rosales neighborhoods, which for two weeks forced the National Police to reinforce its deployment in the autonomous city with agents from the UIP and the GOES.

‘Operation Plomo’, directed against the two supposedly conflicting gangs that until the end of April were involved in almost daily events with the use of firearms in the street and against private homes, as well as riots on public roads, has so far led to the placement in provisional prison of eleven individuals.

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