The rebound in sexist violence at the end of May, with four women murdered in just ten days, six in the entire month, and the “femicide” of Cristina, 30 years old in Zaragoza, where the relationship that existed with the detainee is investigated for the crime, his neighbor on the landing, have raised the alarms.

The Government delegation for Gender Violence has confirmed this Tuesday the sexist nature of the murders of two women on Sunday in Vélez-Málaga (Málaga) and Tomelloso (Ciudad Real) and on Friday in Tíjola (Almería), with what already There are 18 women killed at the hands of their partners or ex-partners so far this year; 1,148 since 2003.

In the past week they have taken the life of Maite, 50 years old, allegedly murdered last Friday at the hands of her husband Tíjola, Almería; also Eva María, 50 years old and murdered in Vélez-Málaga, allegedly stabbed by her husband last Sunday, and María Luisa, also murdered on Sunday in Tomelloso, Ciudad Real, at the age of 48.

Maite’s aggressor confessed to the crime and is in provisional prison investigated for a crime of homicide after turning himself in at the Vera Local Police headquarters (Almería); Eva María’s husband was arrested after trying to flee and breaking both ankles and the alleged perpetrator of María Luisa’s murder was found hanged near the Peñarroya reservoir.

The woman murdered in Almería had two adult children, the woman from Vélez Málaga had three sons and an adult daughter and another minor son, and the neighbor from Tomelloso had an adult son and an older daughter. The number of minors orphaned by gender-based violence amounts to 17 in 2022 and 354 since 2013. There was only a prior complaint against the alleged aggressor in the case of Vélez-Málaga.

Added to these cases is the attack this Monday on a woman in Carballo by her husband, presumably, with a history of sexist violence and who will go to court today, Wednesday, after being arrested when he was going to turn himself in after attacking his wife, who He remains in the ICU. The couple have two minor children together.

In addition, the Police have arrested this Tuesday in Zaragoza a 45-year-old man, convicted in 2003 by the Provincial Court of Madrid for the murder of a woman in 2001, for being the alleged perpetrator of the murder of a neighbor on his landing. Christina, 30 years old.

The National Police is investigating what type of femicide, in the words of the Government delegate in Aragon, Rosa Serrano, is this crime, based on the relationship between them, although this is, in any case, the fifth murder of a woman in Spain in eight days, regardless of the relationship of the victims with their murderers, he specified.

The detainee had a search warrant after not returning from a permit in the prison of Zuera (Zaragoza), where he was serving a sentence after murdering a woman of French nationality in 2011 in 2001 after she, whom he had met hours before in a nightclub would not want to have sex with him.

After the latest murders, the Ministry of Equality has convened for next Tuesday the Working Group of the State Pact against Gender Violence to give a coordinated response to the rebound, where the Ministry will propose to the autonomous communities to incorporate the analysis of the rebounds of femicides as a new axis on which to work.

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