A 17-year-old boy, who participated in a summer camp, has drowned this morning in the Jubera pools, in the municipality of Santa Engracia (La Rioja), according to the first data provided by the Government Delegation in the community.

According to this information, “around 11:40 am this Thursday, the Civil Guard has learned of the death of a 17-year-old minor due to drowning in the Jubera pools, in the municipality of Santa Engracia.”

The young man was in a summer camp. He is instructing the corresponding proceedings and carrying out the visual technical inspection by the Judicial Police Team of La Rioja.

The plenary session of the Logroño City Council corresponding to the month of July, which was taking place this morning, has been suspended around one in the afternoon, once this death has become known, given that, as the president has pointed out of the plenary, Francisco Javier Pérez Diego, the young man was in a municipal camp organized by the Consistory of Logroño.

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