Turns out Elon Musk is not a lover of Cyberpunk’s automobile AI either.

Elon Musk tweeted criticism of Cyberpunk 2077’s automobiles in reaction to a classic tweet concerning the delayed spot 1.2, and mentioned that they the autonomous setting must comprise electric cars too.

Though the game’s Delamain AI cabs should be more self-driving, catching a ride at the match leads to V needing to take the wheel whenever they get indoors. Considering how many problems that the match’s automobile and traffic systems possess, with not so good parking tasks causing unlimited traffic jams and vehicles turning down the street in the lightest touch, it is possible for the best that the AI can not control a car while is inside.

In terms of Musk’s other criticism, it is not really clear if automobiles in Cyberpunk 2077 are powered by power or liquid fuels, together with the sport not making it obvious way.

The game’s large 1.2 upgrade was postponed, together with the devs mentioning a recent statistics breach along with the reach of the patch as grounds for its delay. It is unlikely an issue as large as Cyberpunk’s driving AI is going to be worked this out shortly, but it is possible that V might be able to hitch a ride at a self-driving automobile as a result of future spots on Cyberpunk 2077.


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