On May 10, Ouigo celebrated its first year of operation as a high-speed train operator. In its first 12 months of activity since the passenger rail transport sector was liberalized, the French company has carried two million passengers (with an average occupancy rate of 97%) along the Madrid-Zaragoza-Tarragona line -Barcelona. A trip that many of those attending the Primavera Sound festival, of which Ouigo is a corporate sponsor, repeat these days.

For those who travel on their trains to the musical event in Barcelona, ​​which takes place from June 2 to 12 in the Parc del Fórum and in various venues in the Catalan city, Ouigo offers various exclusive services. The first is a special ‘fast track’ access to avoid queues at the entrance to the Forum site. In addition, the brand has a rest area in it, with a terrace to watch the performances from above. In this space the general public can participate in raffles for train tickets, drinks or ‘merchandising’.

The provision of this point is intended to be a reference to the double height of the Alstom Euroduplex trains (509 seats), which are one of the hallmarks of the ‘low fare’ company, the Spanish subsidiary of the French company SNCF Voyageurs, the large operator world high speed

In addition, during the two weekends (June 2 to 4 and June 9 to 11) of programming at the Forum, Ouigo names one of the stages, located next to the sea and which hosts the performances of 40 groups and soloists, from Carolina Durante and Napalm Death to Derby’s Motoreta Burrito Cachimba and Arooj Aftab.

The objective of this action in Primavera Sound is, they explain from Ouigo, “to discover to the attendees a new way of traveling that is more affordable and sustainable, thanks to its reduced carbon footprint and the characteristics of its offer”. Which are, according to the company: “Tickets from 9 euros, a cafeteria attended by its own staff and the possibility of being able to enjoy the Ouigo plus package, which includes a choice of XL seats, additional luggage and connection to the Ouifun entertainment platform” .

Once Primavera Sound is over, Ouigo will set its sights on expanding into new routes. According to Hélène Valenzuela, general director of Ouigo Spain, “in 2022 Ouigo will arrive in Valencia, Albacete and Alicante, three cities that will be able to enjoy the advantages of liberalization”. Valenzuela emphasizes the importance of opening new routes at low cost: “If we want to make the train the preferred option for citizens, it is vital to be able to maintain this drop in ticket prices, combating the image of exclusivity in the sector. OUIGO is here with a long-term project, offering the best service to the traveler”.

From there, the next step will be to reach Andalusia, linking Madrid with the cities of Córdoba, Seville and Málaga, until reaching 30 daily departures from Madrid’s Puerta de Atocha station.

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