“Every time there has been a problem in Spain, the PP has been called to govern. And we live again moments of difficulty.” Alberto Núñez Feijóo believes that his “alternative” is already close to La Moncloa, because Spain does not have “enough willows” to weather the current crisis if Pedro Sánchez continues to lead.

During his speech at the III International Expansion Forum -the economic newspaper of Unidad Editorial, the publishing company of EL MUNDO-, Feijóo not only showed off his “traceability” as a manager, but also promised to “do it again” what the PP already did to redirect the economic course after the previous crises.

In this sense, he has recalled the achievements of Mariano Rajoy and has set them as a goal to repeat: “As soon as it has a correct economic policy, Spain will go back to doing what it has always done: overcome the financial crisis, create three million jobs jobs, reduce energy costs, control the public deficit and return to growth”, emphasized the president of the main opposition party.

And that will happen, in his opinion, very soon, in a matter of “semesters.” “In the same way that it has been done, it will be done again in the coming semesters and in the coming years,” he stressed. Why? Because the Executive of Pedro Sánchez suffers, according to Feijóo, a “fatigue of materials” and that is why it responds “with insults” to the criticism of the PP.

Feijóo has announced that, if he governs, in the first few days he will commission an “audit” to define “an adjustment to bureaucratic spending generated by the current government.” The CEOE believes that there is up to 60.00 million of spending that can be cut. “Unfortunately, we have previous experiences,” added the president of the PP as a premise to doubt the state accounts.

“I want to vindicate an alternative of forceful opposition” that “does not consist in hindering, but in making proposals”, said Feijóo, referring to the fact that Sánchez accused the PP in the Senate of “disrupting, hindering and hindering”. “And that is the opposite of insult, fear and politics as a set of occurrences,” he detailed.

In this sense, the ‘popular’ leader has claimed the economic plan that he presented last month as the best starting point to combat the effects of inflation: “Going to the supermarket or the gas station is a risky sport.” “We propose to lower personal income tax for those who earn less than 40,000 euros during the time that inflation shoots up,” he explained.

In other words, the deflation of the tax rate would be done without an expiration date other than the one set by the CPI, since the excess collection that has led to inflation would allow it. “13 billion euros more have been raised from January to April,” he said. In other words, “4,000 million more than expected for all of 2022.”

In his speech at the Parador de Alcalá de Henares, Feijóo has stressed that this economic plan has been “endorsed by socialist leaders who had government responsibilities”, but has not cited any. “I confess my perplexity” by “the closure to adopt measures” of a Sánchez who “lives day by day”, he has deepened.

In addition to the fiscal measures against inflation, Feijóo has promised to “expedite European funds to improve competitiveness”, injecting 5,000 million of community manna directly into families.

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