The Aragonese farmers return to take their protest to the street in the face of “the unsustainable situation” they are experiencing.

The Union of Farmers and Ranchers of Aragon (UAGA-COAG), the majority in the sector, announced this Friday new mobilizations to protest the escalation in prices of diesel, electricity and other production costs that, in their opinion, ” is jeopardizing the viability of family farms “

In a statement released this Friday, UAGA informs that, “in the face of the unsustainable situation due to the uncontrolled and unlimited rise in diesel prices”, it has agreed, as a first measure, to mobilize at the end of this month at the gates of the Logistics Company de Hidrocarburos (CLH), located in the Zaragoza neighborhood of Monzalbarba.

In this context of a generalized price crisis, and as has happened on other occasions, UAGA “will invite the rest of the agricultural organizations of Aragon to add support and mobilize in unity of action”.

He adds that this mobilization arises to respond to the demands of farmers and ranchers.

He specifies that “it aims to pressure the Government of Aragon and the central government in order to activate another series of measures that help alleviate the critical situation in which most family farms find themselves.”

In this sense, UAGA points out that the aid package extended by the Council of Ministers on June 25, and which basically involves the return of 0.20 euros per liter of fuel, is “totally insufficient to alleviate the brutal increase in diesel” .

Along the same lines, COAG has demanded that the Government forcefully stop the “indecent speculation” of oil and electricity companies, since while the price of oil has risen 64% in the last twelve months, agricultural diesel has risen 130% .

UAGA indicates that in November of last year agricultural diesel had a price of €0.69/litre, “a ridiculous figure” compared to what is being paid this week, between €1.50 and €1.70/litre.

He adds that “this jump accelerates the already worrying disappearance of family farms, essential to avoid a concentration of food supply that would have serious consequences for consumers.”

The aforementioned agrarian organization recalls that in October 2019, tractors began throughout Aragón with the slogan “Farmers at the Limit”.

The objective was “to denounce the delicate economic situation that family farms were going through because the prices at origin did not cover the production costs, which compromised their viability.”

He concludes that “three years later, the problem has worsened exponentially.”

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