But will it mend what’s a fairly bland dungeon delver?

Forget Dying Light two for an instant, if you will, as we check back in with its 2015 predecessor. Techland’s zombie parkour debut has been getting continuous updates since launch, to the point where its latest update has added a brand-new story mode to dungeon-delving fantasy spin-off expansion, Hellraid.

We are a very long way from Harran, survivors.

Released past August, Dying Light: Hellraid completely ditches the metropolitan undead nightmare of the base Dying Light for a pulp fantasy event that could’ve been pulled directly from The Elder Scrolls–all of dungeons, swords, skeletons, and dark wizards.

The new, more directed mode arrives with three new quests (playable solo or at co-op), two new weapons (a bow along with two-handed hammer), a new enemy and new locations. It also upgrades the growth’s lighting systems and much more environmental sounds to make proceedings much, much spookier.

Granted, Hellraid doesn’t seem to have been too much of a hit on release. The DLC’s reviews sit firmly in”mainly negative”, mentioning repetitive, un-fun struggles in samey corridors and rooms. However, Hellraid’s struggles precede even its positioning as Dying Light DLC–together with all the expansion initially pitched as a Dead Island mod prior to being spun to its own game.

Maybe a Story mode and a couple of new tools will help break up Hellraid’s monotony. But it appears the DLC is probably best treated as exactly what it is–a long-overdue attempt to just get a dream dungeon-diver out the door and out of mind.

Following admittedly announcing the match too premature , it sounds like we’ll be seeing much more of Dying Light 2 before its brand new release date on December 7th.


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