The Witch Queen is currently expected to arrive in ancient 2022.

These days, however, the studio said that, for numerous reasons, it’s determined to push the growth into ancient 2022.

Bungie explained the lion Queen growth will be”unlike anything we have ever tried before, with personalities, arcs, heroes and villains that persist over several future releases” Those future releases, that will incorporate an extra unannounced growth to trace Lightfall, will even wrap up the Light and Darkness Saga that started with the initiation of the first Destiny in 2014. It is likely to be a fairly major deal, to put it differently, and Bungie expects Witch Queen to place the table.

“As we have been growing The Witch Queen, we understood we had this launch to be the first of several minutes crucial to the narrative of Destiny,” helper game manager Joe”Joegoroth” Blackburn clarified. “With a lot leading to and determined by what happens in The Witch Queen, we wanted to be certain we gave us sufficient time to build this out journey in the ideal way, beginning with a unique first chapter at The Witch Queen”

The studio also wishes to concentrate on ensuring the Destiny 2 fundamentals are correctly designed to make sure it can attain its aims for the future, so”updating our strategy to maintaining Destiny’s armor and weapon match new, refining our vision for PVP, executing transmog, and incorporating crossplay.”

Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic also played a part in the conclusion: With programmers continuing to operate at home, it’s not really feasible to finish the now scheduled upgrades and possess the Witch Queen growth prepared to choose this year.

“Making this decision isn’t one we took lightly. Believe me, as someone near the Witch Queen’s advancement, there is no one greater than us who really wants to get it out when it is prepared,” Blackburn wrote. “But in the very end of the daywe all know we are making this forecast for Your Witch Queen and prospective chapters at Destiny two for all the ideal reasons, ones who places our staff initially and our match in the top quality bar we strive for ourselves”

Bungie can also be decreasing weapon sunsetting, a procedure introduced in year 11 that saw electricity levels capped dependent on the season weapons were published in. Blackburn reported the studio believes in the fundamentals that drove the conclusion,”it is clear out implementation was off the mark”

“We have decided that any armor or weapon which could now be relegated into maximum Power will be able to achieve max Power eternally. Beginning in Season 14 we will not be capping the extract on any armor or weapons which haven’t already attained the cap at the beginning of Season 13. This usually means you are going to have the ability to shoot your Trustee, your Falling Guillotine, and the high-stat armor you have earned this season to undertake the raid at The Witch Queen,” he wrote.

“While we strongly think that Destiny wants a technique to change our site in the match’s hardest tasks, we do not feel that extract caps would be the perfect answer. We are taking time this season to investigate and confirm a plan which produces an original and balanceable ecosystem for our aspirational content, one which does not create our rewards feel as they have an expiration date. We have heard a lot this season and do not wish to hurry locating the ideal strategy, and therefore don’t expect to hear more about this before after The Witch Queen”

Nerfs being made into the shotgun that has terrorized PvP, and a mod system which permits players to nuke whole rooms in PvE with very little attempt, should come as no surprise, but it’s going to be interesting to find out what other claws the equilibrium team opt to hammer now that equipment will be workable in perpetuity.

The upgrade also affirms that both armor Transmog as well as the coming Vault of Glass will arrive following year. We also got information to get an additional approaching nerf to many overpowered Stasis skills:

Reduce Super damage decrease.
Boost Super energy expenditure when performing mild strikes.
Eliminate suspend AOE on Super throw.
Reduce slow piles applied to goals.
Eliminate Shatterdive damage decrease.
Fix bug where Iceflare Bolts would not monitor towards goals immediately on invention.
Reduce crystal damage.
There is a great deal happening here. So much so I’ve hardly found time to incorporate that equipment shaders will be unlockables instead of consumables, which Tim on our staff insists is quite important. It is possible to find the full information at


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