The Army has dismissed the captain in charge of the unit that participated in a religious act in the Valley of the Fallen and has opened a file on him that will be resolved within 48 hours after initiating an investigation in order to purge responsibilities and clarify the facts , as reported to Europa Press by official sources from the land branch of the Armed Forces.

It is a military unit of the ‘Uad-Ras II’ Protected Light Battalion, members of the ‘Asturias’ Infantry Regiment 31 (RI 31), a unit framed in the ‘Guadarrama XII’ Infantry Brigade, located in the military base of ‘El Goloso’, in Colmenar Viejo (Madrid).

In one video, members of the unit can be seen blessing the company banner. Sources from the Army have explained that it is an “unauthorized” activity that was carried out during a scheduled march, for which an investigation was opened to clarify the events and purge responsibilities.

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