Koch Media’s statement is”something that you do not understand”

Koch Media will be making a statement at E3 2021 through the Summer Sport Fest, but Deep Silver explains just what not to expect.

Deep Silver has explained its parent firm Koch Media will be making a statement at E3 2021 but it will not be revealing anything related to Dead Island two , Metro, Saints Row, as well as Timesplitters. The Koch Media occasion was confirmed before that week to be occurring on June 11 included in Geoff Keighley’s Summer Sport Fest.

Deep Silver also clarified that the firm would not be making any statements on the cited titles in any E3 occasion, but will allow us know if it has news to share. It will invite fans to visit a site sneakily titled’We all know what you do not understand’ to see that the statement also says,”We can not wait to see everyone’s response to their information!” The website itself does not include anything which hints at what it might be, it is only a busted Twitch embed for today.

With expectations being set by the business, that simply leaves us wondering what precisely may be disclosed. The sequel was initially supposed to launch back in 2015, but the match remains in creation and seems to be an Epic Games Store exclusive. This past year, a brand new Metro match was declared , also is thought to be operating on a brand new engine.

There also have been rumors of Saints Row 5 enclosing E3, but today we don’t to expect it. In terms of Timesplitters, a brand new sport is in the works with many former prospects who worked on the first.

Perhaps the announcement might be a brand new Maneater match, perhaps it’s some thing Chivilary two -associated, or maybe it is among Deep Silver and THQ Nordic’s 69 unannounced titles which are in the functions .


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