CD Projekt Red has declared that Cyberpunk 2077’s 1.2 upgrade is”coming soon,” but not before dumping a whole light book’s worth of patch notes on the internet –out of figures perishing right to confiscating V’s weapon when becoming intimate with Judy.

You will find a complete whopping 505 adjustments to emphasise here, or 484 in the event that you exclude the console-specific repairs. Following Is a cursory glimpse at the way the fluctuations have been broken down:


The majority of the repairs pertain to quests, quirky NPC behavior, and bugs which could softlock game development –such as the TV in Tom’s Diner that can no more be broken and jumble up a primary pursuit, and posters to the Stadium Love pursuit are no more able to be ruined prior to a specific stage.

A number of Cyberpunk’s jankier minutes are becoming patched out also, such as V no more being crushed to death by a protracted sliding ladder, no longer bare-ass T-posing on bicycles, and NPCs no longer departing a ghost pee stream after having a urinal.

Additionally, there are some PC-specific fixes and enhancements, such as beam tracing on AMD graphics cards, more crucial binding alternatives, and 8K resolution fixes.

You may take a look at the complete chonker of a listing on the Cyberpunk site should you fancy a little reading in your free time. There is no solid release date to the upgrade yet, nor is there an estimated record size, however judging from the sheer variety of fixes that you can probably expect it to be a huge one.

The upgrade was initially expected sometime in February, but was pushed following a cyber assault that same month encrypted a lot of their studio servers and stole source code for Cyberpunk and The Witcher 3.


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