Tamara Falcó is a perfect synthesis of Spanish ancestry. In the family album, which is the ¡Hola! inherited the Marquisate of Griñón. And as La Marquesa, she appears in a new reality show for Netflix that premieres on August 4, nine years after the previous and unsuccessful experience of We Love Tamara for Cosmo.

Winner of Masterchef Celebrity in 2019, Tamara has found a vocation and a new vein in the kitchen with which to enrich her public facet as an influencer. The challenge and the plot of La Marquesa are precisely to set up an ephemeral restaurant in El Rincón, the dilapidated family palace in Aldea del Fresno. The culinary challenge and the preparation of the mansion for the occasion articulate the plot of this first season.

Tamara appears with a small entourage at the Netflix headquarters in Madrid to talk about the series, with the sympathy that is presumed to her and a Spain with 30,000 tamaras jelly a little because of her. She aches from a broken shoulder that needs surgery-“they think I’ve had an accident but they don’t know when”-but she can’t stop smiling. As in the opening bars of La Marquesa, when in the photocall of her 40th birthday party, her representative, Chus Martín, recommends: “don’t talk, just smile.”

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