Game director Jean-Baptiste Halle isn’t sure it’s a great idea to mix PC and console gamers, however.

Back after Ubisoft switched from Uplay to its shiny new Ubisoft Connect customer last year, the writer guaranteed that future games would feature cross-saving and cross-border play as much as you can. At the moment, that promise did not comprise Rainbow Six Siege, which was disappointing for players that expected to unite their operator and skin sets across every platform. Rejoice: It seems like we are going to receive our wish, finally.

During a recent preview event for the forthcoming Crimson Heist season, Siege game manager Jean-Baptiste Halle informed PC Gamer these attributes are in progress. “We’re actively working on cross-progression and crossplay,” he explained. “Within the domain of consoles, I think it will be fantastic if PlayStation and Xbox could play together”

Halle said that crossplay would make for shorter matchmaking times, especially in regions in which one console’s inhabitants far outshines the other. He used the illustration of Asian regions, in which PlayStation players far outnumber Xbox. In terms of the PC, Halle has been”skeptical” of joining the platform using its console cousins.

“I can see the experts, but I could also find the drawbacks,” he said. “So, for this particular one, it’s too premature for us to convey.”

One of the disadvantages, Halle agreed, is the inherent advantage that mouse and keyboard users could have over controller players in an exact shooter such as Siege.

Unlike successful crossplay games such as Call of Duty: Warzone or even Fortnite, Siege does not have any aim assist for control players who would help bridge the skill gap. Siege’s console community already struggles with gamers climbing the rankings using third party hardware to enable mouse and keyboard usage, so I’m not hopeful that an official execution would be healthy for balance. Ubisoft could only empower native mouse and keyboard support on both consoles, but that may create an environment in which only mouse users climb to the very best.

Luckily, cross-progression ought to be far less contentious. Players can already transfer progress from their last-gen console into a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, but the 3 chief ecosystems are still siloed off from each other. Halle says it’s too early to say when the cross-progression floodgates will open, but I can not await the day that I don’t have to buy every operator twice to play with my friends on PC and PS5.

Ubi fully unveiled Siege’s year Year 6 year, Crimson Heistthroughout the weekend with plenty of intriguing statements.


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