The Sevillian María Salmerón, sentenced to a nine-month sentence for not allowing her husband -convicted of sexist violence- visits to her daughter, will enter the Seville I prison this Friday, after the appeal presented to avoid the incarceration.

The head of the court of instruction number 6 of Seville rejected last Wednesday Salmerón’s appeal to avoid being imprisoned, with which, except for last-minute news, he will enter the prison he has chosen, which is the closest to his home.

María Salmerón delivered this week 102,000 signatures in support of her cause at the Government Delegation in Andalusia, in Seville, and announced that her lawyers have filed a new appeal.

For the convicted person, her imprisonment makes no sense, since “nobody goes to prison when they are sentenced to nine months”, and she maintains that, having been pardoned three times, this sentence must be considered without taking into account her previous background.

Salmerón was sentenced to nine months in prison and the payment of 3,000 euros in civil liability, which she paid 24 hours before learning of the judge’s decision to enter prison, despite the fact that she hoped to evade income with that payment. .

The woman, pardoned on several occasions, requested grace again after being sentenced in 2020 by a court in Seville to the aforementioned penalty for a continued crime of serious disobedience to authority with the aggravating circumstance of recidivism.

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