The PP computers return to the eye of the hurricane. This time, due to the alleged irregular affiliation of up to 1,000 militants in the stage of Pablo Casado, with the aim of winning a territorial congress from a candidate not related to the national leadership of the popular. The court of first instance number 2 of León has approved that an expert test be carried out on the Genoa computers to determine if there have been rigging, and has even already appointed the expert, who will be Carlos Martínez Castellanos, according to the judicial documentation in the possession of THE WORLD.

The plaintiff, Manuel García Martínez, is the mayor of Villaquilambre, a town in the León metropolitan area, and presented himself in 2021 to the León PP primaries against the current president, Javier Santiago Vélez, who was sponsored by Teodoro García Egea, at that time General Secretary of the PP and number two of Casado.

The one in León was the second most tense provincial congress of all those launched by the national leadership of the PP in the Casado years. The other was the one in Seville, in which Genoa ended up beating Juanma Moreno, after the accusations that their teams crossed. In the national leadership of the PP they assured that the popular Andalusians were registering “dozens” of members at once and without providing their DNI. And in the PP-A they accused García Egea of ​​interference in the process and foul play, for blocking the payments of the militants who wanted to catch up.

In León, the candidate who lost accuses Genoa of having affiliated more than 800 people at once, some of whom were not registered where they voted, or were even supporters of other parties. But the verification of this figure can only be determined by the expert, when he accesses the entire census. The tracking of the computers will be key.

That the current president of the PP of León managed a network of new affiliations to take over the provincial apparatus is something that some audios revealed by point to. “I have spoken with Fran (García Álvarez, mayor of Sabero) so that he can get me another 20 in Sabero”, is heard in the conversations that other PP positions recorded.

In the audios it is recognized that these ‘straw’ affiliates should not even be registered. “No, no, no, the issue is that we give them the address where they are going to vote,” adds the president of the PP of León, who is also a senator and, therefore, shares a camera with Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

At another time, Javier Santiago is asked if Juan Martínez Majo, then president of the PP in León, “knows anything about this.” The answer is as follows: «No, no, no… obviously no one can find out about this». «The issue is that it has to be with total stealth. In the region no one can find out more than you, Paco and Esteban that you are the ones who do it », he adds.

If there are so many clear indications, why is it being investigated now, a year later? Because García Martínez did not want to interfere with his demand in the elections in Castilla y León, and paralyzed it. He has now reactivated it and the preview is scheduled for October.

What the plaintiff claims is “to use a computer expert for the act of trial for the purpose of verifying the legality and veracity of the guarantees provided” by the Genoa candidate. For this reason, Manuel García Martínez demanded (successfully) “the judicial appointment of a computer expert” to issue a report “on the electoral census for the purpose of certifying the criteria in the manner and form for which they were introduced to the members in the National Affiliation System of the PP».

What he wants to demonstrate is the abrupt change that occurred between January 1 and June 22, 2021, the date of the Leonese PP primaries. For this, the expert will have access to the program of the National Popular Party for affiliations, called Lanza.

In the same way, the expert appointed by the court must “audit the economic management computer program of the Popular Party where the payments of the membership fees and the payment of affiliations appear from January 1, 2020 to June 22, 2021” . Why? Because the plaintiff suspects that some installments were not paid.

In addition, the expert will have to “require the Popular Party to provide the physical guarantees and registration of affiliates to vote in the primaries of June 22, 2021 so that they are deposited by the Provincial Manager, Mr. José Manuel Miano, or by whoever corresponds, in court.” The judge has accepted this investigation and has decreed the amount to be paid to the expert.

No one has appealed the resolution of the court lawyer – endorsed by the judge – who claims all the information from the Genoa computers on this case, although they gave the current president of the Leonese PP five days to do so.

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