The Congress faces an intense end of course. To the celebration of the debate on the State of the Nation is added the legislative acceleration that the Government wants to print by approving in one fell swoop the latest anti-crisis plan, the express reform of the Judiciary and the Law of Historical Memory. Given so much activity, and in a week marked by the 25th anniversary of the murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco, Ciudadanos asks all the parties in Congress to approve an institutional declaration in which the Chamber expresses “its strongest and unanimous condemnation” for the murder of White “and for all the crimes of the terrorist group ETA”.

This initiative has already been transferred by Ciudadanos to all the parties in Congress, in the usual procedure for these cases, according to sources from the formation. The text proposed by the oranges states that those days of July 1997 “would mark a turning point in the frontal rejection of Basque society, and the rest of Spanish society, of ETA terrorism and the political party on which it was based, then called Herri Batasuna”.

Miguel Ángel Blanco was kidnapped by ETA on July 10, 1997. The terrorist group threatened to end his life within 48 hours if the Government did not comply with their demands. Two days later, they carried out the threat on him and ended his life. Blanco died around 05:00 hours on July 13, 1997 at the Nuestra Señora de Aránzazu Hospital.

Cs recalls in his proposal for an institutional declaration that one of Blanco’s assassins “committed suicide two years later, received a funeral with honors, long live terrorism and the presence of the current general coordinator of the EH Bildu political formation, Arnaldo Otegi.” “Miguel Ángel Blanco is, along with the rest of the victims of ETA, a symbol of our democracy and of the victory of Spanish society in its fight against terrorism.”

For an institutional declaration to go forward in Congress, it requires unanimity, that is, it must be supported by all the parliamentary groups in the Chamber. In this sense, from Cs they have transferred to the rest of the formations that hope to have their support. In the current legislature, since 2019, 21 institutional declarations have been approved.

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