The big news from the Overwatch two PvP livestream is that opponents will be shrunk out of six players each side to five, together with teams role-locked to 2 service, two DPS, and a single container. It is a significant shift, and one which sparked a great deal of conversation, but it was not the sole thing that Blizzard had to flaunt.

The NYC map contains a few Easter eggs devoted to former match manager Jeff Kaplan. Can you capture them? With just a bit of assistance from Polygon, here is a hint.

Rome is made for the newest Push style, a spin on payload manners that sees two groups struggling to control a robot which pushes obstacles back and forth throughout a map. The manner has undergone a variety of modifications as it premiered at BlizzCon at 2019.

Toronto was also contained, but I am pretty certain we have seen this one . However, as a Fantastic Canadian boy I’m obligated to add it:

Blizzard also disclosed an upgraded Overwatch 2 appearance for Torbjorn, who is”longer battle-hardened” to your new game.

There is still a lot we do not understand about Overwatch two, for example a launch date, but it appears that Blizzard is now ready to begin showing it off in earnest: More about what is coming from the match is going to be shown later this season. In case you missed the current Overwatch two PvP livestream, you can grab the entire thing under.


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