Buff men, buffed weapons, and much more.

Yippee-ki-yay, motherfluffers–Call of Duty: Warzone has completed time warp and discovered itself firmly implanted in the’80s. The Season 3 Reloaded upgrade dropped today, attracting sweaty action heroes, new weapons and bug fixes.

As we already knew last week, Nakatomi Plaza has made its way to Verdansk together with survival peaks plus a CIA outpost a lá Rambo. New operators have also arrived in the form of John McClane and Rambo, both available to purchase on the shop as part of two different bundles until June 18 in 9 PM PT / 5 AM BST.

The Exotic Hard package comes with the operator, a finishing movement, three mythical routines, a mythical calling card, an emblem, along with also an epic watch and epic weapon charm. The Rambo bundle is slightly different and provides the operator, two finishing moves, three legendary weapon blueprints, a knife layout, mythical calling card, a symbol, along with an epic watch and epic charm.

Power Grab is a limited-time mode that gets rid of the Gulag, instead getting back in the fight through buying your way back into or collecting dog tags from kills. The ring collapse will have five phases, with every dog label accumulated taking you up yet another notch on the reward ladder.

More bugs have been squashed, with much more repairs for those pesky out-of-bounds glitches individuals were exploiting in Verdansk. Weapon stats on the Great Pacific blueprint have also been fixed, as well as an problem with vanishing ID tags.

Raven Software has taken a step towards better accessibility for Warzone, also. A new accessibility options menu is available along with subtitles for”baked-in graphics in cinematics” and also a greater differentiation between verbal and non-verbal sounds in subtitles.

There is also a ton of weapon alterations –that the AK-74u has received a nerf,”reining it back in line with different weapons in its class.” PPSh-41 was extended a damage buff to bring it in line with other high-tier SMGs. The ZRG 20mm has also had a huge overhaul, with Raven stating it”was not quite where we wanted it”

Have a look at the complete patch notes in Raven’s most current blog post.


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