“He dev erred me again. No bullshit.”

Just 24 hours after we last checked-in with Call of Duty, Warzone cheaters there is a new reason you should be cautious around suspicious players. Warzone cheaters may now be able to force a player’s game into a crash in certain circumstances. This was something 100 Thieves streamer Thomas Trewren had to learn the hard way during a July 1, livestream.

“This user joined our lobby and said hello, then gave me a Dev error.” Trewren sent yesterday. You can see a video of the encounter in his follow-up tweet.

The clip shows the hacker, who appears to have a confusing username of symbols that are impossible to use in Warzone, joining Trewren’s lobby. He starts asking Trewren if he would like to learn anything about Warzone. This is likely to be referring to the cheats they use. Trewren is clearly annoyed by the hacker bragging about his exploits on his stream and denies it.

The hacker replied, “None?” Zero? It’s not even how I do it. The stream freezes after a few seconds. You can hear the hacker typing through their microphone. Trewren received a screen that was not visible to the stream indicating that the game had crashed completely. It was the second time that the same user joined the lobby, and it seems to have caused the error. This is a bit worrying!

Trewren’s tweets were retweeted several times. It is possible that the sudden crash could be due to the hacker’s unusual username. It’s possible to force server crashes by overloading a game with too many strings of text or symbols. This has been done before in Rainbow Six Siege. Although this is my best guess of what the hacker is up to, their complex username is noteworthy considering that most cheaters choose to go under a generic name such as xxDelta_POG47.


It’s a scary trick to forcefully crash the game, but it is possible. Trewren was targeted as a streamer, and Trewren also left his squad available for hacker membership. There is a good chance that this crash was possible. The millions of Warzone players don’t have to worry if a hacker needs to be part of your squad in order to unlock the game.

It’s still a reminder of Warzone’s cheating problem, which Activision hasn’t addressed properly since the game launched more than a year ago. Activision has been contacted for clarification on this hack. We will update the story as soon as we find out more.


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