Today’s upgrade sets the platform for another Zombies map at Season 4.

It is midseason upgrade day at the world of Call of Duty, which usually means a shocking variety of things to do throughout both Warzone and Black Ops — Cold War. Beginning today, Outbreak style has a brand new”main quest” (or Easter Egg) that proceeds the fancy Zombies story and sets the stage for a brand new, conventional Zombies map coming from Season 4.

That seems pretty awesome, but that is barely everything occurring in Zombies. Here is the complete rundown of that which has been inserted in last night’s upgrade:

It looks like the pursuit is essentially similar to an Easter Egg in the regular Zombies map, which always entails a level of puzzle solving and sleuthing to finish.

Main pursuit apart, I am more interested about fishing… at a CoD match. Like, do you sit quietly with a fishing rod till you receive a snack (presumably while attempting to avert the real zombies that need a snack of you), or would you simply shoot fish? And should you take the fish, then does this count like fishing? These are the big questions that I intend to reply by really playing some Outbreak after this upgrade eventually finishes downloading.

If you are leaping to the brand new Warzone stuff now too, we have already published a useful guide to split to the Nakatomi Plaza’s illustrious vault. It is definitely worth breaking, considering it retains a whopping $100,000 of in-game money.


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