A semi-cryptic Tweet hints in the Outbreak Zone getting bigger

Black Ops Cold War Outbreak style will get”even larger” later on, according to a Tweet out of Treyarch Studios, which change may tie to another Call of Duty: Warzone map.

Accompanying the tweet is a gif of this swirling Dark Aether portal site that players utilize in Outbreak to visit various locations. In the close of the gif, the gateway opens into what resembles an present Black Ops Cold War multiplayer map: Sanatorium. Sanatorium dropped during Dark Ops Cold War Season 1 and can be found in the Ural Mountains, that’s the present home to many game modes.

And today that zombies have lately joined Warzone and keep to move places on the map, it is even more clear that the battle royale is changing closer to Black Ops Cold War and off from Modern Warfare. A current Warzone leak points into a Zombie occasion which will ruin Verdansk, together with sound files which have conversation like”Verdansk is gone” and”prevent the infected no matter what.”

CharlieIntel indicates is making the argument that it is”all-but-confirmed” the Ural Mountains is going to be another Warzone map. There are now 3 avenues to the 40-player Fireteam manners: Alpine, Sanatorium, and Ruka, that can be set from the Ural Mountains of Russia.

Thinking about the maps are already big enough to sponsor 40-person matches along with the immense Outbreak manner, it would be simple to format these present maps into a conflict royale-sized site. And just like when players recognized the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare maps have become a part of this bigger Verdansk map, it is not that much of a stretch to envision Treyarch and Activision doing precisely the identical thing with Black Ops Cold War.


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