And a new Spin on Fight Passes

A Battlefield 6 poll may provide us a few insights into returning and new attributes EA and DICE have proposed for their following multiplayer shooter.

The poll has circulated across the Battlefield community, together with YouTuber Lossy sharing several screenshots in the poll itself. Though a number of those survey questions would be the normal”would you get this match Y/N”others ask for opinions regarding particular facets of the game. Listed below are just four such points out of the poll Lossy shared:

Since Lossy points outside, Battlefield already has a Clan-like platform with Platoons, therefore this would not truly be new.

Also remember that this is not exactly like confirmation of those elements emerging in the sport, although EA and DICE likely have their plans fairly well place if Battlefield 6 will create its vacation 2021 release window. These survey answers could be utilised to help EA figure out which portions of the sport it must revolve around boosting leading up to start, or shape components which are going to be focused on following the game arrives.


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