From the ranks of Vox, the case of the registration of Macarena Olona in Salobreña (Granada) is viewed with uncertainty, but with little concern. The possibility of producing a resolution that removes the Vox candidate from the Andalusian lists is on the table, but the formation sees it as distant because it defends that it conforms to the regulations.

However, the ‘grey’ minds of Vox are beginning to point out a plan B in the face of what they consider to be a bipartisan campaign against the “Vox tsunami in Andalusia”. The sources consulted in the formation of Santiago Abascal thus try to convey to public opinion that this is “a political movement” to “stop” Vox and Macarena Olona. This was stated by Abascal himself on social networks, who denounced that they are trying to silence the voice of the Andalusian people.

From Vox, first, they believe that their candidate meets all the requirements, and they argue that the Salobreña City Council itself has already given the green light to her registration and that now they have tried to open an electoral gap to seek her attrition.

Sources from the management consider that plan B in the face of a resolution contrary to Olona and Vox goes through a plan very similar to plan A. “Our campaign will change little if they try to shut us up,” they point out from the management. They insist that there are many cases in which situations have been questioned about candidates and their registration “and now is when the voice is raised,” they point out from the party in a victimizing tone.

But in any case, Vox’s political strategy “will not change.” In the worst case scenario, one of those included in the lists would take the number one number, “but nothing would change.” Because Olona will continue to be the one who leads the Vox electoral campaign in Andalusia, he will be at all the rallies as the face and voice of the formation. Abascal’s party has bet so strongly on this campaign that the leader of Vox even decided to appoint his chief of staff, Ángel López Maraver, as responsible for leading it.

Olona will be the poster -whether she is finally a candidate or not- of all the acts in Andalusia. And she will continue to carry the weight of the elections.

They consider from Vox that, far from leaving the party in a bad place for its management of registration and candidacies, for “theirs” this “movement” means becoming the focus of attention in the pre-campaign.

Olona will continue to lead, as she has done in recent months throughout Andalusia, and will have the key weight after the elections if the result of Vox allows her to enter into a clear negotiating situation with the PP.

According to these sources, a negative resolution on Macarena Olona’s candidacy for the elections “would only have a negative effect: the debates.” These sources explain that if she is not a candidate, she would logically not be able to participate in future electoral debates.

They recall that, despite Vox’s willingness to participate in debates with all parties on both private and public television, “nothing is closed yet and from the PP they are only complaining. Because Juan Manuel Moreno has little desire to debate with Olona”. If finally the Vox spokeswoman is not the candidate in Andalusia, “Moreno would avoid that situation.” Because they remember that the public television that depends on the Board has not yet ruled on the debates in which Olona should be present.

“If the debate takes place, Olona will be present, one way or another, they point out from Vox.” If your number one on the list falls, these same sources point out, that does not close the doors for subsequent movements.

In the first place, they point out, she would be responsible for Vox in Andalusia and would lead future negotiations with the Popular Party if, as most polls point out, they become essential in governance.

But, in addition, they interpret that although she was not a regional parliamentarian, she could occupy the seat of vice president of the Andalusian Government in San Telmo.

They consider that what is happening with the lists “is a smoke screen” and a “political movement again against Vox”.

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