The polls smile at Juanma Moreno. Citizens sound like a requiem. But the self-styled “Government of change” has worked so well that the PP is already thinking of reissuing it, at least in a symbolic way. The popular candidate plans to admit members of the orange formation in his future government, if he manages to repeat as head of the Andalusian Government. The current acting vice president and Cs candidate, Juan Marín, is one of those that Moreno wants to repeat, but he would not be the only one, according to the sources consulted in the environment of the Andalusian president.

In the Junta de Andalucía they assure that Moreno “wants to put people from Ciudadanos in the government, but it will be necessary to see who, because that will be a decision solely his and he will not make it until the end.” Among the profiles that the PP-A candidate would like to incorporate into a hypothetical government alone would be Marín because “the harmony with him has been good,” as they remember in the Board. “But making government speculations brings bad luck,” other sources from the San Telmo Palace ironically. In fact, the Andalusian Governing Council has continued to meet every week as “one”, despite the electoral period. And unlike the National Executive, the sources of the Board consulted have an impact.

In addition, the demographic inertia itself suggests that the PP will absorb the electorate of Cs at the polls. In other words, the famous “recast” would take place “by way of events”, as Pablo Casado always longed for, who tried to join the oranges under the España Suma platform. In that sense, the PP manages internal surveys in which it obtains 50 seats. That is why Alberto Núñez Feijóo himself assured this Friday in Estepona (Málaga) that there is a wave of “passion” and “illusion” in Andalusia that pushes the PP as an “alternative”. And he did not spare optimism: “Something big may be about to happen.”

But in those same internal polls that the popular ones manage, Ciudadanos does not obtain a single deputy. Hence, Moreno – who wants to make himself visible as a “transversal” president – is already thinking of offering a place in his future cabinet to the main “also transversal” leaders who would stay outside the Andalusian Parliament. “Talent should never be wasted,” he said last Tuesday.

It must be remembered that, this week, Moreno has confirmed that he tried to add to the PP lists, as independents and in starting positions, the orange councilors of the Board and the president of Parliament, as long as Ciudadanos did not appear at the elections with their own brand, a condition that the leadership of the liberal party rejected. Both Marín and Inés Arrimadas rejected it, because they assured that it would be the finishing touch for their party.

The president of the Board explained that relations with the Cs advisers have been “very fluid” throughout the legislature. That is why he proposed the joint list, since he believes that the electorate of both formations is in sync. If the signing of Ciudadanos councilors is confirmed, Moreno would replicate the model of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who rescued the orange Marta Rivera de la Cruz for her solo Executive and signed Patricia Reyes and Toni Cantó for relevant positions.

Be that as it may, the truth is that Marín wants to lower that expectation to try to scratch some deputies who may be decisive. In the environment of three. In an act in Seville, Marín assured this Friday that “in Andalusia there will be a coalition government”, for which he urged Moreno to transfer the electorate “if he is going to govern with Cs or with Vox.” Faced with the bad forecasts, Cs opposes his management in the Andalusian Government as a great electoral asset and proclaims its “liberal” usefulness to nullify the influence of Vox.

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