First Teruel, then Soria and now Jaén? Emptied Spain returns to the fray in elections with the aim of tearing down new walls to break through, this time, in the Andalusian Parliament. And it has options. The CIS has placed this week on the map the candidacy of JaénMerece Más (JMM). His survey estimates that he could win a seat thanks to the fact that he would be at 6.6% of the vote.

As has already happened in the other two provinces, the cause of this irruption is a growing feeling of grievance at being “abandoned” by the administrations. “Promises that never come”, opportunities that vanish, they denounce from JMM. And they list: the train, highways, investments, the worst regional ratios of doctors and nurses, very high unemployment and a province that is bleeding of inhabitants. The “richest” municipality in Jaén -La Guardia-, they say, “is below the average income” in Spain, that is, “the richest are poor”.

The Jaén Merece Más platform was born in 2017 and at the end of 2021 it was decided to undertake a “double track” of action. The social and protest part was separated from the political part and a new party was created that maintains a differentiated direction and identity (logo). Some to the streets and others to try to enter the institutions to try to achieve the same goal: “have the same as others and that young people do not have to emigrate.”

There are two milestones that explain this political awakening. The first was the “humiliation” with which it was received that the AVE from Madrid to Granada “avoided” Jaén to go to Córdoba. But the “auction” came when the Government of Sánchez took to Córdoba a logistics base of the Army that was assumed as given. The mayor of Jaén, from the PSOE, accused Carmen Calvo of perpetrating a “cacicada” to benefit her province and opened a war.

JMM seeks to channel all that climate of anger. His candidate is Antonio Sánchez-Cañete (1961), a psychologist who hopes that the PP might need his seat.

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