In chemistry, aqua regia is called a highly corrosive mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, capable of dissolving gold, platinum and all known metals. In politics he would be called Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón, an agent capable of corrupting everything he touches. This Friday, the Socialist Group presented a bill in Congress so that the CGPJ can appoint the two Constitutional magistrates that correspond to it out of the four that must be renewed. The other two correspond to the Government. The sanchismo tries to expand the capacities of the CGPJ in the Law of the Judicial Power, that felipista invention with which the socialists began to handle Justice as if it were a girl protected by the Valencian Generalitat.

It is the second reform they do in fifteen months. In March 2021 they did exactly the opposite, to restrict the capacities of the Council in an interim period and make it difficult for a conservative majority to take power, as the ruling socialism wants to do now. These changes are very Government. There is no sense of law or justice in the Sánchez Executive, but of its own convenience. It’s just what suits us: let’s do it.

This in all orders of politics. Let us remember that the president of the PP proposed to the Government an economic plan that contemplated a VAT reduction to 5%, which was rejected by the second vice president at the beginning of the month for considering it cosmetic and insufficient. Well, that reduction is what Sánchez addresses as of today. Well, we already knew that plagiarism was his thing and having appropriated a measure proposed by the leader of the opposition was in his nature. But failure is also in its nature, let us think of the Iberian exception, for example. And things do not end here. There is the assault on Indra to show off his chest before the NATO summit, where Sánchez will announce an increase in defense spending, after kicking out the four independent advisers. The first perceptible result of it: a stock market crash of 20%.

In reality, Sánchez-Pérez did not care in the least about lowering electricity taxes. Hadn’t Zapatero said in 2003 that “lowering taxes is left-wing”? Sánchez had lowered VAT from 21% to 10% in May 2021, immediately after Ayuso’s electoral sweep. Today he lowers it from 10% to 5%, after the triumphal march of Juanma Moreno in Andalusia. And speaking of failures, yesterday there was a new assault on the Melilla fence, massive and violent. There were at least 18 dead and, on Spanish soil, 57 immigrants and 49 civil guards wounded. This is the practical result of that pact with Morocco in which it gave Mohamed VI the sovereignty of the Sahara.

The latest ridicule is the NATO summit, which a part of the government calls a criminal organization and in which the one who planned to eliminate the Ministry of Defense plays host. But what else does he care, if all he wants is to get the thorn out of that unfortunate walk with Biden. He will seat him in an armchair to show it off with him before the cameras.

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