Looking back on his own roots, his cosmic days, along with the potential for more

With a single Marvel Falcon attaining new heights from co-starring within his first TV show, Marvel’s additional falconer – the shadowy falconer, if you will – is preparing to go back to the scene.

Back in April 14’s Darkhawk: Heart of the Hawk #1, the cult-favorite’90s hero returns with three stories – one in yesteryear, one from his current cosmic days, and the final about chances for its future.

“The aim of the story would be to shut the door on one age and crack open a different person, for some thing fresh,” author Kyle Higgins informs Newsarama. “Hopefully, that will make more sense when you find the publication. It is tough-talking about it with no enormous spoilers!”

Check out this unlettered trailer from Darkhawk: Heart of the Hawk #1:

Higgins and a literary artist do a narrative portending Darkhawk’s long run, whilst Guardians of the Galaxy author Dan Abnett is composing the next story – about Chris Powell’s comic times.

“Although his abilities were in origin, Darkhawk started out much as a’Earth’ hero, a feeling where he thrived and where great tales were told. When I had been writing Marvel’s cosmic names such as Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, it looked like a fantastic idea to place Darkhawk in that setting for a change, and research his cosmic roots,” Abnett states.

“As a cosmic enthusiast, I enjoyed Darkhawk since he was an outsider… maybe not a rogue, such as state Star Lord or Drax, rather than a recognized enthusiast and force of justice such as Nova – however a mysterious figure on the border, whose schedule was clear and whose heroism frequently need unrecognized.”

And as most fans could attest, a trendy costume as a result of co-creator Mike Manley – who’s coming with co-creator Danny Fingeroth to the narrative in the character’s early decades.

Darkhawk: Heart of the Hawk #1 goes on sale on April 14, using a Key cover by Inhyuk Lee and versions from Logan Lubera and Russell Dauterman.


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