Comparable to the extraterrestrial creatures of the Identical title in Arkane Studios’ Prey, the Mimics at Black Ops Cold War could transform themselves into an Assortment of different items strewn about the surroundings. Their hiding places are rather restricted, however, and anybody who’s spent plenty of time on Firebase Z knows how to differentiate them out of routine, non-murderous items. However, Mimics are somewhat dull; they are known to assume the kind of scorestreaks and loot boxes. And it appears that their capacity to embrace clever hiding spots does not stop there.

Throughout a recent playthrough at Zombies, Reddit consumer LeMemeMoo heard firsthand of this Mimics’ more complex camoflauging methods . The Redditor shared gameplay footage from which they immediately go beyond a Perk machine, just to be stopped dead in their tracks upon recognizing a Mimic had concealed itself as the gadget. According to the participant in another article, the Call of Duty Wiki makes no reference of a Mimic’s capacity to utilize Perk machines for concealing. Many other commenters inside the thread said they, too, were amazed by the revelation, although one individual did assert a buddy seemingly experienced the occurrence soon after Firebase Z went live.

Reason suggests you will find a couple explanations for this specific occurrence. One, the odds of Mimics popping from Perk machines might be incredibly low. Additionally, it is possible that this element of the monster’s AI entered the combination by means of a recent upgrade. Meanwhile, the other fans are wondering whether this kind of event is really a portion of a future upgrade whose contents have been released, like the drama surrounding the R1 Shadowhunter crossbow.

No matter the origin of this Mimics newfound behaviours, Zombies players must exercise more caution when browsing Firebase Z. Who knows for certain what other items the animals can conceal in that remain undiscovered?


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