With the latest confirmation from Sony Interactive Entertainment mind Jim Ryan saying that more PlayStation games will probably be making the jump to PC, starting with Days this Spring, it got us thinking: what other PlayStation adventures would we want to see make the jump onto the mod-friendly platform? While we could easily just say Bloodborne across the board (that we’re extremely tempted to, mind you), here is a genuine collection of all 10 PlayStation games we’d like to view on PC.

Even though there’s always the PlayStation Now service, it is not quite exactly like a real PC port. Modding Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding when both matches made their way to PC was so much fun, and also to have that freedom with more titles in addition to a explanation for another playthrough would be amazing.

Let’s begin with our first pick: Bloodborne.

Because obviously
You can not have any PlayStation to PC list without Bloodborne, let us be real. Black Souls making its way upwards to the land of keyboard and RGBfied mice was a huge hit, and also masochistic players like me are always down for some pain and murder. That is why Bloodborne would be the perfect match! There is already a cozy spot right alongside the Dark Souls games there and that I shall never, ever pass up the opportunity to possess the Hunter go up from Thomas the Tank Engine with mod service.

This action roleplaying game has a huge fan following, and for good reason. It combines creepiness with satisfying battle, and the challenges overcome throughout the story can feel so incredibly satisfying as a participant. Seeing this game make the jump to PC will be amazing not only just to have it more available on a different stage, but it would also be an awesome way to make it a bit more accessible for those gamers who may prefer to get a more customized setup. Like the Xbox adaptive controller helps players get into the games that they enjoy the most, gaming on PC has a wider marketplace of peripherals that could help all sorts of gamers jump into the mix.

But mostly I just really desire Thomas the Tank Engine to crush my spirit.

God of War
Scream “BOY!” Currently on PC
Seeing such a fearsome god in the function of a dad with Atreus was a cure, and the name handled totally beautifully on PS4. That being said, the mining and combat mechanics would mesh nicely with PC controls and the capacity to perform this experience on the highest possible setting?

While clearly two totally different games, what made me genuinely want this to be the following PC interface was the capability to perform Horizon Zero Dawn with a mouse and computer keyboard. Though they have two distinctive styles of mechanics, many of the environmental aspects felt similar. Horizon needed a plethora of tech issues when it initially launched on PC, but the group finally got the game where it had to be and it was truly a stunning experience to take on. Give me that but with God of War and I think I might just be the happiest gamer on Earth, and I’m sure I am far from alone on that.

With the Mandalorian celebrity slated to play Joel in the upcoming TV series based off of the first game at the Last of Us franchise, imagine having the ability to unleash the celebrity’s face into the game itself to create that casting choice somewhat easier to envision. While I personally love Pascal for the job, I have seen a lot of individuals state they are having difficulty seeing him as Joel. While I don’t personally know , I know how quickly modders work. If Naughty Dog declared a PC port tomorrow (not through PlayStation Currently ), I will promise you that somebody somewhere would possess a Pascal mod ready to roll out from the end of the week.

While the next match was met with a mixed reception, both storylines were complicated beyond compare. To see the first game make its way on PC platforms would give a lot of a opportunity to experience this harrowing world of success for themselves, particularly for households that are limited to just 1 stage of choice.

Valkyrie Profile is an unbelievable role-playing series from Square Enix and tri-Ace which attracts Norse mythology to life in a beautiful way. Since the franchise’s birth, it has been on many different PlayStation systems (including PlayStation Portable) in addition to the Nintendo DS and mobile platforms.

This JRPG staple is aesthetically inventive, mechanically distinguished, and narratively wealthy in a way that PC gamers can enjoy. Better yet? By opening the participant base more, this might only be the nudge Square Enix should put some resources behind a revitalized potential for the series. Additionally, the iOS port for the first game was awful and also a PC version might just be the item needed to wash that memory clean away.

Ghost of Tsushima
Can we really need to state why?
Ghost of Tsushima was visually stunning and had a story that left me completely rethink how I saw that the samurai genre. With its open-world attractiveness and incredible multiplayer post-launch add-ons, this game seems like it was built with PC in your mind.

I’ve run through the story of Tsushima twice today on PlayStation and loved everything about it . How it concentrates on stealth and just how responsive the combat is, the PC format, to me, would feel unbelievably natural. This is also one of those games, such as Horizon Zero Dawn, where modding are a real treat. Not just joke mods, but mods to tinker with the settings, play around with the figures, and tweak a few of the armor in-game to become more epic than that which the vanilla game has to offer.

Taking on a raid with friends in Ghost of Tsushima on PC would honestly be a fantasy Friday night. The potential to also have a couple of cool crossovers like how the Death Stranding PC version had would be amazing as well.

What dreams are Made from
I know I keep talking about mods (that is because I am obsessed with them and write about them much here at Game Informer) but what game is more perfect for that part of the PC conversation than a game that is literally about producing something out of nothing?

We have seen people recreate Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Half-Life, so many different games in this planet; to consider that onto PC with more creative freedom would be outside incredible.

Infamous Second Son
How fast players have forgotten about this jewel
Infamous Second Son was the darling of PlayStation 4 in the onset of the last generation. This action-adventure match was a treasure by the group at Sucker Punch and it gave players the badass feeling of having the ability to go anywhere and do anything they’d like. Plus, the protagonist — Delsin Rowe — was a stylish punk that was just a real joy to play as. Having the ability to manipulate various components like smoke, concrete, and even neon was ingenious in a way that allowed gamers to take to this world the way they wanted to. The battle was highly stylized and it felt just like a modern-day Assassin’s Creed regarding the parkour elements.

Give this experience to PC players also there will be a entirely new wave of admiration for the thorough care that went into the sphere of Infamous Secondly Son.

Persona 5
There’s zero reason this Isn’t on PC
The Persona games in general are famous for specialist stylization, crazily weird dialogue, and unique characters that stick with you long after the end credits roll. With other Persona experiences available already on PC, it’s high-time to bring Persona 5 into the mixture, especially with all of the raving reviews that encompassed this name at launch.

The turn-based battle would also make this a super easy interface, mechanically speaking, to imagine. Persona 5 is definitely one of these high-impact games which suck you in and don’t release you until you’ve beat it and it’s this type of game which thrives on PC. Together with it being a highly treasured entrance into the show, it’s time for Sony to think about bringing this specific experience to some other market.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Nathan Drake, ‘nough said
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is hands down my favorite from the series. Nathan Drake and Sully together again in a narrative that was filled with action as it had been with heartwarming moments. There was so much more humanization offered to those characters that we’ve grown to love throughout the years and the narrative that has continued on is something truly special.

Few matches hold you at the start, but this one surely did. The immersive world was magnificent and the storytelling has been exceptional. With no more Nathan Drake tales on the horizon, now could be a good time to deliver a PC port into the equation in order that this legacy can continue on and new gamers may strap into the ride of their lives.

Legend of Dragoon
Can you really not expect to watch this on the list
A Legend of Dragoon remaster (or pun!) Has been the talk of the PlayStation community for a long time, but what about a PC port? This role-playing game dominated the tail-end of the 90s, and for good reason. Taking on the role of Dark in a bid to halt the planet from becoming obliterated in a sea of destruction brought unparalleled joy.

The cutscenes, because of the time, were impeccable and the narrative was something that was really amazing despite the mixed reviews when it initially launched due to Final Fantasy comparisons. The heritage of Dragoon even continued on with novels and manga, so going beyond the PlayStation scope wouldn’t be unheard of.

Plus, texture mods? Can you imagine?


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