Developer Iron Gate says it will not have the ability to launch four upgrades this past year.

Back in February, Valheim developer Iron Gate shared with a roadmap laying out its own plans for four upgrades over the span of 2021, alongside other new features including multiplayer interactions, moon phases, and much more specific places,”if Odin refuses it” Nowadays it dialed those programs, but saying that the very first planned upgrade, Hearth and Home, will not be published before the next quarter of the year.

“We were not ready for such a big influx of gamers, and this emphasized a million new issues and bugs that had to be repaired urgently,” Iron Gate stated . “Our priority is to create the present experience as steady as you can and this has meant fresh content has taken a backseat. To put it we have not been able to concentrate all our resources Hearth & Home till May.”

The present roadmap was removed (but for now it stays accessible), and also a brand new roadmap is in the works which is”considerably smaller” than the one published in February. Following Hearth and Home is completed, Iron Gate intends to proceed directly into the Mistlands upgrade, which had initially been proposed as the final update on the roadmap. Smaller planned upgrades will probably be placed aside”for today.”

There’ll also be a brand new”food program” that affects the effects of everything you consume on your wellbeing and stamina, which may also have an immediate impact on battle: Increased wellbeing will raise your capacity to divert strikes and consume damage, as an example.

“We are pretty flexible in regards to what we would like to increase the match, and we are frequently inspired by a meeting or a wonderful comment from the neighborhood, so our roadmap is constantly likely to be more fluid.

“That said, we really do need to become open with what we are working on, even if it’s only our celebrity Robin working on a bit of content he’s loving, but might never make it in the game. Striking a balance between being clear about what we’re working on, while at precisely the exact same time never spoiling it for those who wish to find it yourselves is hard, but we still think that it’s essential to be more open and informal as an Ancient Accessibility match ”



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