The Hearth and Home upgrade for Valheim is at now that the functions.

It remains a worldwide leading seller, and based on programmer Gate Studios, it’s now sold more than 6 million copies since coming in early February. That landmark should make Valheim the best selling new PC game of 2021 up to now.

At a development upgrade now , the group in Iron Gate also stated they are working on patching bugs and other problems, but they also gave us a little tease for the first large upgrade on that the Valheim roadmap: Hearth and Home. The Hearth and Home upgrade will concentrate on food prep, fresh cooking recipes, and even much more construction pieces for fort building.

And this could be one of these bits.

It is not clear if that is really a figurehead for a boat or a decoration for a fort (or anything else completely ), but it seems to me like a wooden diversion of this very helpful raven Hugin, that seems in Valheim to provide players tutorial methods and information regarding the planet.

“We’ve got a great deal of exciting things planned for this upgrade, and we’ve got naturally listened to your comments and suggestions, and will hardly wait till we could show you longer,” that the devs wrote. There is no date or launch window supplied for Hearth and Home, but it is the first of four significant upgrades planned for this season.

Here is what we know about the remainder of the important upgrades coming to Valheim, that comprises a brand new biome, The Mistlands, boat personalization, a new manager, and possibly even some mini-bosses.


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