Additionally, there are fixes to assist link difficulties and remove viruses.

Countless gamers have swarmed into Historical Access survival match Valheim within the last couple of weeks, and several have already defeated the Viking afterlife by simply taking down Valheim’s five large bosses.

Nonetheless, it seems like programmer Iron Gate Studios might love to set the brakes on gamers steamrolling a number of the boss monsters at this quick pace. A patch released now (0.146.8) creates some issue tweaks to repeats 4, 3, and 5.

Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson elaborated about the boss affects on Twitter, stating Bonemass now includes a faster cooldown on his own melee strikes, Moder’s hit points are improved by 2,500, also Yagluth has experienced a few”resistance tweaks” and continues to be awarded”twice the HP” since players were shooting him down in just a few brief minutes of summoning him.

The planet corruption bug that may sometimes happen when players stop the match with Alt-F4 sounds as though it has been squashed, which is excellent news, even though I imagine it is nonetheless a fantastic idea to frequently make copies of your Valheim entire world and personality documents . Additionally, the game will remember your preference for exhibiting your in-game place while at co-op, which means you won’t need to sign up that box onto your map each time you connect your favourite host.

Another literal bug fix: the buzzing of deathsquitos is currently detectable in a larger distance, which should hopefully reduce a little on shock attacks and backstabs by these astonishingly vicious winged menaces.

If you are having problems connecting to a host hosting Valheim, or having a black screen when you are attempting to join, Iron Gate suggests ensuring that the server was upgraded to the new variant and restarted.

Here are the Complete patch notes:

Crafting item-dupe bug fix
Harpooned participant & boat bug fix
Fixed participant ragdoll
Bonemass, Moder, Yagluth difficulty tweaks
Moder music upgraded
Tombstone bugfix (likely wont fix evaporating tombstones however )
Frozen world corruption Brought on by pressing ALT+F4 while adhering out
Deathsquitos have marginally longer sound range
Tweaked sound on blast-furnace & rotation wheel
Shared map place setting is stored per planet
Upgraded network stats (F2)
Building destruction drop-fix
Vulkan aid in windows assembles
Network disconnection bugfix
Upgraded socket-backend


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