Moder can strike hard, but it is not too tough to take on alone as long as you are prepared and aware of your surroundings.

Moder is a massive enemy that fights the floor and can take to the heavens, but the terrain where you confront the boss may give you an benefit. It is likely to conquer Moder all by yourself if you bring the ideal equipment and carefully deal with the fight. Here’s everything you want to know to conquer Moder.

To shoot on Moder, you will first need to clear the way into the Mountain biome by simply taking down Eikthyr from the Meadow, The Elder from the Black Forest, and Bonemass from the Swamp. You’ll also need the capability to resist the cold, so it is strongly recommended that you simply mine and craft a few Wolf armor ahead of this battle–at the Wolf Cuirass or even the Wolf Cape, which will give you automatic Frost immunity. We have outlined exactly what equipment you need to have below, which will provide you the best chance of beating Moder even in the event that you can not deliver a number of other Vikings to assist you.

The Way to Locate Moder
Moder is situated in the Mountain biome, however you won’t find it just awaiting you when you climb up just any cliffs. Similar to the other supervisors, you will want to summon Moder using a forfeit at a particular location–but you need to find that place marked on your map. You are able to get Moder’s location from special rune stones you’ll find in the Mountain biome, which are usually secreted in ruins across the area. Look for stone towers and decrepit fortifications

Interacting with all the rune stones will indicate Moder’s altar for you, where you can summon the boss. You will need to sacrifice three Dragon Eggs at the altar to bring the dragon into your game world to defeat it. All these are best sourced from round Moder’s altar, especially if Moder is situated on a different mountain by the one you’re presently exploring. Dragon Eggs are very hefty (they weigh about 200 pounds each), and such as metal, they can not be teleported. It’s ideal to simply find some close to the altar and haul them around the boss than to try to attract them from farther away.

What You Will Have to Fight Moder
Armor: Wolf Armor (Upgraded If Possible)
A lot of the struggle against Moder is about withstanding its attacks. To do that, you will have to have the ability to block and consume a fair amount of damage. First and foremost, you can groom yourself entirely using Wolf armor so that even if you have a couple hits from Moder, you will not be killed right away. Take a look at our Wolf armor guide to see what you need and how to make it. If you’ve got the tools, it’s worth it to upgrade your Wolf armor to Level 2–that isn’t essential, but if you’re soloing the boss, you’ll need all the damage resistance you can get.

Ranged Weapons: Draugr Fang Bow, Poison Arrows
Because Moder can fly, lots of this fight will probably rely upon your bow. You’ll want the best bow you may get, which in this stage is the Draugr Fang. Craft it using 20 Silver, two Deer Hides, 10 Historical Bark, 5 Guck. The previous two items you can source from the Swamp biome; cut a few Historical Trees and you’ll have the bark you need, and cut Guck in the big green pustules stuck into Swamp trees. If you can afford to update the bowdo so, as you’ll be fighting Moder for a while along with your Draugr Fang’s durability is likely to become an issue. We discovered Poison arrows were also very powerful, possibly even more than arrows. Soloing the manager, we needed to 170 Poison arrows, so be certain you own a good deal.

Melee Weapons: Silver Sword, Silver Shield
Moder won’t always be from the air; the dragon likes to property close to one to strike you with melee attacks. This is really good news, because fighting up close permits you to provide your bow a rest and you will do more damage with melee strikes than with arrows. Bring your preferred, most powerful weapon; we urge the Silver Sword because it ought to be among the most powerful you can craft at this point.

More significant than the blade, however, is your shield. Moder does two different melee strikes on the ground, but the damage you will take against is negligible if you’re able to block it with a good shield. The Silver Shield absorbs all the things Moder dishes out, particularly in the event that you can upgrade it ahead of this fight, so you need to absolutely craft you. Coupled with Silver armor and the Bonemass ability it makes battling the boss on the ground a breeze.

You’re likely to need as much as health since you can get in this battle, but another significant consideration is stamina regeneration. The fight with Moder occurs on rough Mountain terrain and you’ll need stamina to have the ability to cross it and reposition yourself, obstruct Moder’s large attacks, and receive your swings in. You can get high endurance through potions and foods, however your best option is to get a high Rested bonus before beginning the fight.

Generally, target for high-health, long duration foods–if you’re able to source it, then Lox Meat is a great with this particular battle, as are other long-lasting foods such as Sausages.

Additionally, it is a fantastic idea to create any Healing Mead for emergencies. Tasty Mead can also be useful when you’re desperate for stamina, but it halves your health regeneration and therefore should be used quite sparingly. Stamina Meads are good if you can get them as well, if you discover you’re having trouble.

Ability: Bonemass
As you’ve beaten Bonemass, keep its capability at the ready for combating Moder. The capability will also help protect you from different enemies if they happen to appear during the struggle, which is a large problem.

Get Your Rested Bonus
It increases your health and stamina recharge speed significantly, so it is well worth sleeping or sitting by a fire before getting into this fight. While food and mead are good for keeping you alive, the Rested bonus is going to do the most work in keeping you in this fight, and you run the chance of getting yourself killed by unforeseen consequences (such as wolves joining the battle) if you can’t recharge stamina fast enough to deal with them.

The Best Way To Conquer Moder – Boss Fight Strategies
As soon as you’re geared up, you need to be prepared to undertake the boss. It’s a fantastic idea to have a portal near the battle (although not too near ) that will allow you to escape in case you’re in trouble or which may get you to a Forge so it is possible to repair your gear. It is very possible you’ll run down the durability on your bow, so don’t be reluctant to duck out of the fight for a second to fix up your stuff.

In The Air
Moder moves round the battle in two different ways: flying and crawling. After the boss flies, it’s highly mobile and will move around like a drake, circling you before leaning overhead to breathe ice crystals onto you from a distance. This makes insecure, however, since Moder does massive damage to rock and buildings, therefore almost any insure you hide behind probably won’t endure for long.

There’s a caveat to this, however. We were fortunate enough to find among Valheim’s free-standing rune stones near Moder’s altar. These stones, which you can read for lore and tips, can not be destroyed, which makes them an ideal cover. We really were able to prevent pretty much all damage from Moder’s frost breath by simply standing close to the runestone and maintaining it and the boss.

In any event, try to find good areas to stand to prevent the incoming frost breath while you reach Moder with your poison arrows. You are going to need to reevaluate avoiding getting hit with all the crystals, as they’ll slow you down significantly if they hit you, leaving you open to further punishment against the boss. The situation can cascade out of control in a hurry, so survey the battle ahead of time and make note of where you’re want to head to avoid getting blasted by projectiles.

On The Ground
When it’s not flying, Moder will fall to the floor and fight you close up. The boss can crawl round on the mountain slopes, but it will not move very fast or move really far, waiting instead for you to come within range of its own attacks.

Moder includes a frost breath assault it’ll use when it’s grounded, which comes out as a continuous jet straight in front of it, rather than a bombardment of crystals. When you’ve closed the range, Moder will provide up attempting to freeze you and only swing at you with its own wings, or attempt to have a bite out of you. Both these attacks can be blocked along with your shield, though you’ll likely get pushed back a reasonable distance. You’ll avoid damage almost completely if you block, though, letting you stay in near on the boss and hack away with your own sword with little or no risk.

If you’re not equipped to get a close-range fight, you can do as well hanging back and firing away with your bow, then provided you possess the arrows and either a backup bow or the ability to fix it when it breaks. This might even be the safer approach, as Moder will often just hang out on the ground instead of actually do anything if you keep out of its range. That’ll provide you the opportunity to simply lay into it with arrows at your leisure.

Beware Of Allergic
The biggest threat in this boss fight may not be the boss itself, but the other enemies which produce the mountains their property. Wolves in particular are very deadly in Valheim since they’re very robust and very fast. Fighting a wolf can run down your stamina in a rush, leaving you open to assault. Wolves bite so fast that they can tear you apart before you can recharge to fight them off. If you hear or see some other wolves, it’s best to disengage from Moder and try to take the wolves out as swiftly as possible. If you can get them with your bow at range, all the greater, but prioritize them in all cases.

You can not go wrong by setting to get a boss fight like this one by setting a portal relatively close to the boss’s altar. You can make it through the portal to go back to your base and use that opportunity to cure up, fix your equipment, or perhaps just sit with a fire for another and revive your Rested bonus.

While bosses heal over time (or Bonemass does), don’t be afraid of leaving Moder at the center of the struggle. The boss will still be awaiting you once you return, and when you are not gone for very long, it’ll still be as hurt as if you left it. When seeking to the boss battle, don’t be afraid to cut and run and then return when you are somewhat better prepared.

What You Get For Beating Moder
When the boss is finally defeated, you’re going to get a few key new products. To begin with, you are going to accumulate the Moder Trophy, which you can return to the altar where you started in Valheim to claim a new power. Moder’s capability makes it so you’ve got a tailwind as long as it is busy while you are sailing, which can make exploration out on the high seas far easier to deal with.

You will also claim 10 Dragon Tears from Moder, which you may utilize to create a new crafting channel called the Artisan Table. With it, you are going to have the ability to create three new crafting channels that allow you to process materials you get from the Plains biome, including Dark Steel, that you’ll use to make your next grade of weapons and armor.


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