Phone down meteor strikes, summon wolves and vines, use berserker rage, and more.

You don’t need to be just a Viking . If you’re trying to find a brand new way to perform with the co-op survival sandbox, can I interest you in some new character types?

The Valheim Legends mod adds 6 different character classes into Valheim, and each has a trio of unique abilities. The Ranger, as an example, gets a buff to stealth, which comprises better speed while crouching and a’power shot’ ability that gives your next couple of ranged attacks further damage. Plus, Rangers can muster a wolf companion for a short time period. The Mage, meanwhile could sling fireballs as a ranged attack and summon an ice shield that freezes and hurts enemies at melee range, in addition to telephone down meteor strikes on a targeted area.

There’s also a Valkyrie course with two specialty attacks and a penalizing buff, a Berserker course with a rage ability and dash assault, a Druid that may summon vines from the ground and use them as projectiles (such as The Elder’s abilities), along with a Shaman that may buff allies and themselves with quickly regenerating endurance and protect them from fire and toxin attacks.

Here are Valheim Legends’ courses and their abilities:

1. Stagger – Strike: immediately staggers all enemies round the Valkyrie
3. Leap – Attack: Launch into the air and come back, employing splash damage at the point of impact

1. Power shot – Buff: the Upcoming several ranged attacks gain velocity and attack power

1. Rage – Buff: forfeit wellness periodically to gain increased movement speed, physical assault damage, continuous stamina regen, and a life-tap for some of damage dealt.
2. Execute – Buff: the upcoming several melee attacks gain enhanced attack capability
3. Dash – Attack: dash ahead and hit enemies as you pass; harm Depending on the weapon currently armed

1. Fireball – Strike: launch a ball of fire that deals splash damage and applies burning
2. Frost Nova – Attack: make a burst of ice hockey around the caster that damages and freezes enemies
3. Meteor – Channeled Attack: utilize this ability to call down meteors to strike an area; station duration (stamina expended) determines the number of meteors are made

1. Regeneration – Heal: causes the caster and all local players to quickly regenerate health for a short time period
2. Root Defender – Summon: Growing friendly roots around the caster which may strike nearby foes

3. Vines – Channeled Attack: periodically launches piercing vine projectiles

1. Enrage – Buff: raises movement speed and quickly regenerate endurance to your caster and all neighboring allies
2. Spirit Shock – Strike: deals spirit damage in a Place around the caster and applies a spirit DoT to some enemy hit

All that, plus 5 new abilities have been added that improve these new character classes, in order to summon creatures (such as the Ranger’s wolf) you will get better at it, giving your summons a larger length and much more power. Once you have Valheim Legends set up, you select your character class in a fascinating way: by forfeiting an item in the Eikthyr altar, and then selecting the course that you need to play as. Here Is What you need for each class:

Valkyrie – Flint
Ranger – Raw Meat
Berserker – Bone Fragments
Mage – Coal
Druid – Dandelion
Shaman – Greydwarf Eye
This sounds like a very excellent way to begin a fresh game of Valheim, particularly if you have some friends who can play some of those other classes. And, like with many Valheim mods, you’ll also need to have the ever-useful BepInExPack mod installed and functioning to utilize Valheim Legends. Find the mod here at Nexus Mods.


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