Ubisoft Enormous managing director David Polfeldt has been taking a rest, but will return into a brand new”strategic” function in six months.

Tremendous Entertainment, also referred to as Ubisoft Enormous, is a huge studio with a lot happening.

“Seventeen years ago I joined a tiny Malmö-based indie-studio at a function the creator described as’Mister FixIt’. Little did I know what a roller-coaster experience it’d become!” Polfeldt stated in a announcement announcing his death.

“After we signed Star Wars, and eventually completed our amazing construction Eden at 2020, I felt an overpowering sense of conclusion, as though I’d achieved everything I dreamt of.”

Polfeldt is not really leaving the business, however. After having a six-month sabbatical, he’ll go back to Ubisoft in”a new strategic function.” Based on a Axios file, his replacement in Enormous has already been picked, but has not been named yet due to some type of legal arrangement with their existing employer.

His decision to resign today is notable yet: Ubisoft’s Avatar match was only unveiled a week, over four decades after it had been first declared , although its Star Wars game would be first to stick to the conclusion of EA’s ten-year exclusivity deal with Disney and carries extremely large expectations for a outcome. It does not look to be an perfect time for a shakeup in studio direction, but Polfeldt indicated that this is really a fantastic time to make his movement.

“Standing on the good base of this Division, Avatar, Snowdrop, and Ubisoft Join, the studio is in excellent shape,” he explained. “I’m tremendously grateful for what we have achieved together.”


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