1. Panic attack in the PP before the favorable polls in case they demobilize their electorate in the final stretch

The Popular Party redoubles the call to vote for fear of overconfidence and an exodus to the beaches, even with direct messages on billboards

2. A lesson on masturbation, brothels and a declaration of love: what gave the debate itself

The six candidates for the Presidency of the Board exchange blows as if in a boxing ring and hit each other with textbooks and even tanks on the set of Canal Sur

3. Ukraine’s ‘shopping list’ so as not to lose the war against Russia

kyiv asks its allies for more support with heavy weapons before it runs out of ammunition in the face of Moscow’s war of attrition

4. They find in the house of the former treasurer of the Valencian PSOE annotations of large public awards

The Civil Guard intervened notes on tenders awarded in socialist municipalities

5. The Spanish NASA finally takes off: this is how our space agency should be to be effective

The Government will approve today the Space Council to promote the start-up in 2023 of the long-awaited Spanish Space Agency. Engineers and scientists from the sector give their opinion on how this body should be and if it is feasible to locate it outside Madrid, as the Executive intends

6. Rafa Pascual: “I didn’t have to start working until I was 45, I can’t complain”

Between 1992 and 2010, the Spanish volleyball team played two Olympic Games, three World Cups and five European Games (it won the 2007 one). Before and after, nothing. What was the difference in that Golden Age? Rafael Pascual.

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