1.- The King Emeritus, before Felipe VI in Zarzuela: “I have come here to normalize everything”

He transmitted to his friends in Sanxenso that with the visit to his son he tries to regularize his trips to Spain and his environment regrets the treatment of Casa Real

2.- Ukraine: no space to bury the dead

Thousands of people are still buried in parks and gardens waiting to be moved

3.- Unzué and Carme Elías, ALS and Alzheimer’s face to face: “I’m terrified of living life without being me”

She is an actress who will lose her memory. He, an athlete who knows that he will lose mobility. Carme Elías and Juan Carlos Unzué talk about illness, death and, above all, life. “The here and now have acquired a different value”, they share

4.- The future of Madrid without Mbappé: the renewal of Vinicius and 200 million with “calm and without madness”

The French striker conditioned everything. The 60 million salary space and the 200 million in cash were for him. The plan is to copy the model of recent years with signings like Rodrygo, Valverde or Camavinga

5.- The mysterious disappearance of the Nani and the police mafia that killed for the gold

He was one of the most famous robbers in the country. His disappearance, still unclear, is part of the black legend of crime and the darkest side of the police that emerged after the Franco regime

6.- The man from Madrid who has fed the cast of ‘Game of Thrones’, Clint Eastwood, Almodóvar and other movie stars since 1976

Rafael García Velasco is the owner of the first Spanish catering that began serving filming 68 years ago

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