The official trailer for the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie has finally came on YouTube, and it is every bit as bloody and absurd since you probably expected.

The movie presents the MK gang we understand and loveScorpion, Sub-Zero, Sonya, and the rest–and all the new competition, an MMA fighter by the name of Cole Young, who had been born with an extremely strange birthmark that bears a distinct similarity to the Mortal Kombat emblem. Nonetheless, it is not only a birthmark–it means he has been picked to battle in the excellent tournament of champions called… well, you understand.

Past the umpteenth reminder of who is likely to be throwing hands in this big-screen brawl, the trailer explains why Jax has metal arms (spoiler: he obtained Sub-Zeroed), gives us a peek at Scorpion within his pre-being-dead days, also seemingly casts Kano one of the good men, although I guess that might not last–he is a fatty bugger, you understand.

1 thing it will not clear up is that which occurred to Johnny Cage, who’s strangely absent. Mortal Kombat screenwriter Greg Russo stated in 2019 that he’d”large plans” for its personality and there was speculation that Lewis Tan would carry about the function, but he is portraying Young, also there is no mention of Johnny on IMDB or at the YouTube description, that has a complete rundown of the throw. Has he been lost –or are we searching for a surprise?

(I believe that the wise money is on a surprise)

Speaking of the throw, here they are:

Can it stand up to the first variation? For my money it is not likely to conquer the genuinely mysterious team-up of Cary Tagawa and Christopher Lambert, but I will allow you to decide.


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